Women-centric Adtech platform ENTITY Academy raises 100M in new funding

ENTITY Academy, a women-centric Adtech company that provides training in digital marketing, data science and other future skills, raised $ 100 million from Leaf, a results-based education finance platform.

The raised capital will be used to financially support students for their ENTITY academy education, which usually costs $ 15,000.

According to Jennifer Schwab, the company’s founder and CEO, the latest financing is a pioneer working on the company’s first, more traditional VC-led equity round.

ENTITY Academy provides graduate students with learning skills such as rigorous skills, soft skills, mentorship and experience. There is a unique blueprint for upskilling women on the platform that can be used in industries.

Launched in 2016 by Jennifer Schwab, the US-based startup is disrupting traditional education models with a student-led approach that supports women on a career path from education. The ENTITY Academy’s four-column approach equips women of all ages with the skills and experience needed in a rapidly changing career landscape, including assistance with real-world, leadership training and job placement. Through its unique offer, the company strives directly to close the gender pay gap by providing training, guidance and placement to women in their 21st century careers.

Speaking about the company, Jennifer Schwab, founder and CEO of Entity Academy, said in a statement,

“The sweet spot of ENTITY is a bifurcation. They are women who are either new (usually 19-23 years old); or who are newcomers or are reconsidering their careers (usually 30-39), because both categories of women exist They like to consider technology jobs or more technical promotions, but their specialists have found it difficult to do so. Re-train to open. “

Schwab said another 300 students are going to the course and are on track to become 1,500 students next year.

The ENTITY academy aims to provide all these women with the tools they need to meet the various challenges in technology jobs, in what it describes as a “rapperround” strategy.

Since its inception, nearly 400 students, almost all women, have completed the course. But it originally started as a very short (6-week) event, all in person and cost $ 5,000. Now many courses lasting eight months and all virtual, which cost more and more people.

In September 2020, ENTITY Academy raised 10 million to expand its Income Inter Agreement program.

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