We need more black teachers to get academic justice

We need more black teachers. Much more.

While black Student account For 15 percent of all public school students in the United States, black teachers make up only 7 percent of the teaching staff. Worse, teachers who identify as black men are less than 2 percent Of workers. We need 200,000 more black teachers in our public schools to achieve equality between black teachers and students.

This is an amazing shortcoming that has real consequences for our students and our society.

The majority of students do not have a black teacher from kindergarten to twelfth grade, which is reprehensible. Multiple Strict practice The diversity of teachers has had a positive effect on all students, but especially on black students. When black students have at least one black teacher up to the third grade, they are 13 percent More likely to get into college. With two black teachers, they are 32 percent more likely to go to college. For low-income black children, the rate of high school graduation on their time increases by about 40 percent.

This is why Black Educator Development Center, Created to create a national non-profit a National Black Teacher Pipeline And where I work as CEO, #WeNeedBlackTeachers is launching a national campaign, and we’re starting it on National Action Day on September 9th.

The goal of our efforts is to raise awareness about the shortage of black teachers and to motivate more young people to consider teaching as a career. We aim to add more than 21,000 black students to the teaching pipeline over the next decade.

Admittedly, we have big obstacles ahead of us. For most black youth, their own public school experience is largely dominated Lack of resources, Extreme isolation, Unequal discipline And Expectations fell By the majority of white teachers. Add a teacher education system to it Largely failed Recruitment, hugs, support and To sustain Black and brown teachers want it, and it’s no surprise that young people of color look elsewhere for their business at large.

But our message is simple: being a black teacher is an act of resistance, teaching black children well is a step towards liberation. Being a black teacher means choosing to be a frontrunner in the fight for academic justice and equality – a fight that has always been led by our youth.

To be a black teacher is to be a part and leader of a society that knows and values ​​black lives. This means contributing to security and comprehensive justice in those communities. Being a great Krishna teacher is a powerful and revolutionary act for the teacher and the students he serves.

More than a year after the death of George Floyd and the ensuing summer of Black Lives Matter protests, the passion and commitment of black youth to the cause of antiracism, justice, and social progress has grown. We’ll see in that Massive increase Application and enrollment in historic black colleges and universities and General Z Explosion of social activism Total

Faced with the injustice of centuries, black youth are meeting this moment once again with fearless determination. We need every ounce of that swollen passion and a commitment to stop Large opportunity gap Those who dominate our public education system – a clear explanation of that historical injustice.

Having more black teachers in the classroom will immediately improve students’ mobility and the resulting positive association with education will benefit future students of a growing black teacher circle.

It’s a win-win and that’s why #WeNeedBlackTeachers.

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