VIPKid- Practice your distance teaching skills

VIPKid is a growing start in the world of distance learning. It was founded in 2013 by Cindy Mi. Connecting “Fluent English-speaking teachers with young Chinese students for 25-minute virtual tutoring lessons, in which students are taught English through an immersive course that includes simple concepts such as vacations and more complex topics such as current events.”

If you are a teacher looking for new opportunities to connect with the global network of teachers and students, VIPKid is definitely a great option to consider. VIPKid Provides you with a platform where you can hone your ESL teaching skills for ते 14 to या 22 an hour.

VIPKid’s online teaching pedagogy is informed by the flip-classroom method. All classes belong to each other and as a teacher you don’t need to create your own curriculum. VIPKid’s team works. It provides the necessary teaching materials for all the classes assigned to you and you just have to prepare by reading those materials. “You can preview classroom content on the teacher portal 6-12 hours in advance.” However, I personally see this as one of the weaknesses of this online platform. As a former teacher with more than 12 years of classroom teaching experience, I think teachers should create their own teaching materials. By doing so, they will develop an intuitive skill that will enable you to know what will work and what will not before using the lesson in the classroom.

As a Vipkid teacher, you will not always teach the same students. You will only teach students who have booked your class and teaching is via Vipkid’s own LMS. In other words, even if you cut and become a VIPKid accredited teacher, you will not get a class guarantee. You teach each class and each class lasts 25 minutes. Also, you can set up your teaching availability in advance using VIPKid’s Teach App. There is no limit to how many hours you can teach, you set your own teaching schedule.

If you are a new or seasoned teacher and eager to explore new teaching possibilities (and generate additional revenue) in the global network of teachers and students, VIPKid is definitely an option to try, nuts certainly not interesting.

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