Useful reading and writing resources to use in your classroom

This is great in a wide open school Resources Containing a variety of educational materials for use in reading and writing activities. This includes audiobooks, writing instructions, interactive language games to help students comprehend reading, creative writing and more. These resources are organized by category and type. There are five grades: Preschool, Grade K-2, Grade 3-5, Grade 6-8 and Grade 9-12. You can improve the search for reading and writing materials through activities, audio, lessons, videos, worksheets, articles / ebooks, and websites / apps.

When you find a resource that you want to use in class, you can either access it by clicking on the ‘Visit’ button or by clicking on ‘Watch’ to view it in ‘Video’ format. You can share it with the generated link, via email, or directly in the Google classroom. Samples of typical reading and writing resources include: a list of grammar checkers, games, and websites created by Common Sense; Culture Around the World is a video from Candy Sea that helps students discover different cultural traditions from around the world; The audio version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was read by Scarlett Johansson, PBS’s summer activity book to engage students and young learners in a variety of learning activities and more.

The Wide Open School also offers resources for social studies and mathematics.

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