Top 7 Halloween Apps for Students

Time to have some spooky fun this Halloween season! Here are 7 great Halloween apps to use to keep kids and young learners engaged in immersive Halloween-inspired learning experiences. Apps provide interactive games, puzzles, fascinating stories, and creative activities to try in the classroom or at home. The purpose of this beautiful event is to create learning opportunities to enhance their skills and develop their literacy ability. You can also check out the list of 10 Halloween books I recommend for teachers and parents.

Design your own Halloween-themed city the way you want. Populate it with your favorite Halloween characters: witches, vampires, pumpkins, mummies, zombies, monsters and more. “Try different varieties of characters and be amazed at the results. Collect coins to raise levels and unlock more items. Take photos of your city and share it with your friends. Download one of the favorite Halloween based games now.”

iClassics brought to life the classic American story, Legend of Slepy Hollow, using interactions, animations and pictures. Some of the main features of the app include: 80 sound effects, 67 animations, 50 interactive scenes, 53 minutes of soundtrack, 52 pictures and more. Students can use the subject table to easily navigate to any page in the book. They can also use memory pages to bookmark their pages and more.

In this interactive ebook, children join Berenstein Bears as they prepare for Bare Country School’s Halloween Ghost Walk. Students can record their own narratives to personalize the story. While they are engaged in the book, students will be able to develop core literacy skills and learn new vocabulary and more with tapable words and pictures.

This is the story of 3 children, each of whom has amazing skills. Oliver, an orphan, is adept at drawing; Celia is a brilliant writer and Eugene loves to make gadgets. “The kids win a trip to the Werdewood Manor to meet their lone protagonist – the eccentric writer and inventor, Arthur Weirwood. Naturally, there’s also a robot butler, a ghost boy haunting the manor, and a librarian who has some secrets to hide.” The purpose of the story is to ‘inspire children to celebrate their uniqueness, to recognize their talents and to assimilate their imagination’.

This is a great Halloween art game that allows children to engage in creative drawing experiences. “The app comes with 30+ tutorials that take you through a step-by-step process, or allow you to drive as freely as you wish. You can decorate the car with thirteen different colors. Other add-ons include 25 sets of tires that can be customized by size and distance. , Lots of Halloween-themed stickers and more flair lights. Once you’re happy with their vehicle, you can use it on one of the 21 streets. Each street is a little game and there are scary obstacles to keep an eye on!

Another immersive and interactive game where kids dress up in their favorite Halloween character, carve a pumpkin and join their peers as they do tricks or treats. Some of its main features include: numerous combinations to design your own Halloween-themed costumes and characters; Includes sound and music from the 1966 animated classic; It supports word and note highlighting, listen to individual words spoken with one click, integrated bookmarking feature to easily navigate to any page in the book, and more.

StoryToys is full of spectacular activities and games. As the kids search for the haunted house, they get to meet monsters, play games and work on challenges to win the ‘Spectacular Badge and Stars’. Some of its features include: play aerial tags with flying dragons and scary goblins; Bat the monster goose flying balls as the monster goes into the forest !; Test your memory with a monstrous game of matching pairs; On a dark and stormy night you find 10 hidden pumpkins while looking for a haunted house … and more.

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