This is a simple tool to help students create their own video games

Looking forward to incorporating the principles of game-based learning into your academic pedagogy? Bloxels is one of the platforms you might want to try with your students. Blockxals enables students to engage in meaningful learning activities using self-created video games. Students will get to design characters, art, stories, animations, backgrounds, games and more. Whether they want to tell a story, explain a complex process, explore a historical place or just create something interesting and educational, Blockchains gives students the tools and information they need to express creative thinking.

Bloxels has a special service called Bloxels Edu Dedicated to the education community. There you will have access to a wide variety of resources created specifically for teachers including teaching video tutorials, lesson plans, EDU Hubs and more. Students can create their games using 8 simple blocks: Terrain, Fluid, Collectible, Danger, Action, Power-up, Enemy and Story. Each of these blocks has a ‘specific gameplay feature and some can be configured’. Using Blocksells Character Builder, students get special privileges like ‘drawing and animating pixel characters and they have special rights like speed, flight, fire, magic and more’ in the character lab.
Also, Blockxl Offer “Themed asset packs full of art, characters and backgrounds ready to use in your game. Mix and match, use as is or edit them to your liking! New assets are added to the app on a regular basis. ” Once the game is created, students can share it with others.
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Watch the video below to learn more about Bloxels


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