The Scholastic Book Club provides excellent children’s books for each class

The Scholastic Book Club is a platform where teachers have access to a wide variety of educational books that cater to the learning needs of young students of different ages and cultural backgrounds. Books on Scholar Book clubs are selected by teachers and educators to use for children in and out of the classroom. Teacher grades can use specific flyers to track new book releases, book sales, and more.

Teachers can sign up Scholastic Book Club To start ordering Scholastic Book Club for their class. You can help children choose the books they like to read and order their parents, which can be done through your teacher account.
November (2021) Screenshot of the digital flyer

Use the Books and Resources section to browse the children’s book collection. This material is arranged according to grade and collection. Grade ranges include: Born 3, 4-5, PreK and Kindergarten, 1st to 6th grade and Middle School. About the collections they include: Judy Newman at Scholastic; Value pack; Reading level; Teacher preference for each class; Fiction; Nonfiction; Celebrating diversity; Graphic novel; Steam; And Spanish and bilingual books (Club Leo).

Teachers can create wish lists and make recommendations to students and parents. Just click on the Heart and Star symbols found on the right side of any page. Click the My Lists tab in your teacher account to manage your recommended titles and class wishlists. To share recommendations and wishlists with families, click Share Now. A pop-up will be displayed: the last date of the class order, the URL of your class page, a link to the digital flyers you selected, the class code and a note for families. You have the option to set or change the due date and you can also recommend books to the class so that parents can see it when they make a purchase. When you’re done, copy the information and share it via email, social media and more.

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Clubs offer monthly catalogs created by Scholastic editors and literacy experts. “T.Its monthly catalogs are filled with the best children’s books for each class. क्लब Book Clubs provide teachers with a useful resource to suggest books that match each student’s interests and reading level, and provide parents with an easy and affordable way to order the right books for their children. Will love. In addition, Book Club teachers get free books and class resources with each order, making your classroom library faster and easier. So if you are a teacher and want to enrich your curriculum by introducing students to amazing books, they will never forget, start by creating your Scholastic Book Club teacher account today. “

Teachers can also use Book Finder to quickly find and find books for their children and young students. Here’s how it works. Click on Book Finder, select age or grade and click Continue. Next, select up to 5 categories representing your children’s reading interests and press Continue. You will be given a choice of suggested titles. Browse the collection to choose the right books for your child.

Book finder
The Scholastic Book Club offers resources and guidelines to help teachers and parents provide a enjoyable reading experience for children. For example, the Teacher Starter Kit Here are some important tips and guidelines on how to find books for your students. A reading level chart is a particularly useful chart when looking for reading material for your children. Reading and thinking questions This section is another great resource to use in reading activities with students. In it you will find questions to assess students’ reading comprehension for both fiction and non-fiction.
Help your child become a reader The Scholastic Book Club is another equally important resource. It outlines the 7 steps of making a reader: relevant, enthusiastic, time-sharing, variety, engaging, read together and support.

A unique feature provided by Scholastic Book Clubs is that parents can place orders through teachers. And when asked why, Scholastic Book Clubs answer:

“Since we are purchasing the rights to print their books from other publishers, we can create affordable editions that are only available for distribution in the school market. This means that all orders must be placed by teachers and directly to class teachers. Help! With each class order, teachers receive bonus points for free books and quality teaching resources for the class, including books, supplies and course guides, as well as computers and iPads. “

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