The personalized learning platform BasicFirst goes digital; To open 300+ grievance redressal centers in India and abroad

Adtech startup, selected by BasicFirst, Jharkhand Innovation Lab, has announced the launch of offline 300+ query removal centers for its students in India and abroad, with the UAE and Singapore opening 15 and 3 centers, respectively.

The aim is to build on their physical modules by giving students online and offline classes to help students study more effectively. BasicFirst is partnering with schools and coaching organizations to establish grievance redressal centers, and has already entered into identification and reconciliation agreements with 85+ centers in 45+ cities.

In addition, BasicFirst said it is expanding its teaching faculty who have long-term expertise in their respective courses and will have high-quality flying professors who visit the centers once or twice a month depending on the course and student needs. . The flying faculty will be based in Ranchi, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The State Board is also recruiting qualified teachers and faculty members to provide high quality teaching experience in regional languages ​​including BasicFirst Urdu to meet the demand of students.

According to a press statement, the quiz session can be scheduled on-demand, 24 * 7 text or chat message. The program will be open to students from K6 to K12 level of 22 state boards and 84 competitive exams and the main focus will be on students preparing for competitive exams.

Speaking on the expansion, Mr. Randhir Kumar, Founder and CEO, BasicFirst Learning, said,

“At BasicFirst, we aim to strengthen our students’ readiness by giving them the best grade query-solving sessions and helping them achieve their desired results. We believe that the physical module, which includes both online and offline sessions, is the way to go in today’s world. , And those online and offline query-solving sessions will complement each other, resulting in excellent results. Resolving queries is one of the main aspects of online learning, as each student has a different question or question that can be solved.-On-One Mode-online and offline. By setting up 300 centers in India and abroad, we want to give students an edge and help them build confidence, motivation, mindset and perseverance for exam preparation. “

Founded in 2017, BasicFirst Learning is a personalized e-learning platform capable of analyzing data for artificial intelligence, machine learning and enhanced adaptive learning. It provides personalized educational support and high quality mentoring based materials to students in remote locations across India. The affordable e-learning platform offers targeted courses for JEE, AIIMS, NTSE, NEET and Olympiads and courses for 6th to 12th grade students across India. It provides direct one-to-one and one-to-many guidance for each student with the best solutions.

BasicFirst’s custom interactive educational content is based on teacher-teacher interaction with students. The personalized live e-learning session equips students with the necessary communication skills, aptitude, subject ability and basic knowledge to achieve academic goals, succeed in competitive exams and advance their careers.

The Bootstrap Adtech startup claims to have seen a significant increase of 100% per month with a 52% CAGR over the last nine months due to huge demand from places in Tier II and above. The company has recently announced the appointment of its CTO in the US as well as recruitment strategy for 1000+ talents in marketing, sales and technical profile in the India, US, UAE and Singapore markets.

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