The Brainley website offers homework help for students

Brenley is an online homework helper available as both a website and a mobile app. Students use Brainley to get help in their learning from fellow students and subject matter experts. Like, “Brenley is a knowledge-sharing community where 350 million students and experts put their heads together to solve the most difficult questions in their homework.” I’m definitely adding Brainley to my list of homework help websites at

I like to think of Brenley’s homework as Wikipedia. Students rely on the collective wisdom of other students and teachers to find solutions to the learning problems they face in a variety of subjects, including mathematics, history, biology, chemistry, physics, social studies, geography, arts, computer science, business, law. , Engineering, world languages, health and much more.

The way the Brainley website works is simple and straightforward: students ask questions in the form of text or pictures, and the Brainley community answers. Answers to students’ questions can be provided by other students, PhD, teachers, teachers, others. Answers are verified daily by a dedicated team of subject matter experts and moderators.

Brainley website and app / homework helper

Since many topics have already been explored in Brainley, students are advised to use the site’s search functionality first to make sure their question has not been asked before. In addition, when preparing questions, students are advised to write accurate and clear questions without spelling and grammar errors. The clearer the question, the more likely it is to get accurate answers from community members. Questions may also include attachments that allow students to provide more relevant information and data to help clarify their questions. See for more information on how to create good questions These guidelines.

Another feature I like about Brenley is its communicativeness. Students learn in a communicative way. For example, they can contribute to the knowledge building that is taking place on the site by helping other students solve their problems. They can also report incorrect answers and inappropriate content to Brenley’s moderators, and more.

It is also possible for students to work directly with 1: 1 Teaching with intellect. That is, instead of just asking questions and waiting for answers, students can get help directly and directly from the examined experts. Students can chat directly with ” [a] Tutor, ask follow-up questions, and you’ll be given images, equations, and drawings to guide you through the correct answers. “However, the Brainley Tutor feature is only available to paid members;

Parents can also join Brainley and link their accounts with their children. In doing so, they can keep track of their children’s learning progress, learn about the challenges they face in their homework, and contribute by giving a helping hand. When parents upgrade their accounts, the upgrade carryover for their children at no cost. Again, this feature has some limitations. For example, parents can only associate their accounts with one child. If they have more than one child, they need more than one parent account.

Brainley website and app / homework helper

Brain gamification and engagement features make learning fun and engaging. There is a point system and ranking system. Points can be used to ask questions. “Every time you want to ask a question, you need to choose a specific amount of points to spend, and you will have to earn points for each question you answer. There are various ways to earn points on Brenley. These include: 40 points for signing up, 5 points per day for logging in, 5 points for each control you provide, 50% marks when you provide smart and accurate answers, and more.

For the Brainley ranking system, there are two types of rank: regular rank and special rank. Regular ranks are achieved by combining the given marks and the best answers. Regular categories include (talented, ace, expert, virtuous, ambitious, helpful and novice). Special Rank “You have other ranks that appear on certain accounts. Accounts with special rank will also have a regular rank above them.”

The Textbook solution Brenley is another excellent resource provided by the website. It is a center where students can find solutions to the learning difficulties they encounter in their textbooks in stages. Students can search for specific textbooks using the site’s search filters. They must type the title or part of the textbook title, select the specific subject and school (e.g., college, high school, and elementary school) and click on the magnifying glass. Once they find the textbook they are interested in, they can click on it and scroll down to explore the exercises and solutions they offer.

Textbook solution

Brenley offers two main plans, a basic and a premium plan. The basic plan has many limitations. These include; It supports ads, providing access to only limited content, interruptions and more. Brainley Plus, on the other hand, allows users to access unlimited content with verified answers.

Brenley is available as a mobile app Android And iOS.

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