The best apps to teach students with hearing loss

Some babies are born with visual impairments, some with hearing or other visual impairments, and some may have different abilities due to injuries, infections, or accidents.

This article will discuss ideas for hearing impaired children and their learning. Students with hearing loss can use hearing aids in or around their ears, for example, cochlear implants, surgical implant devices that bypass the damaged inner ear and send signals directly to the auditory nerve. It’s no secret that new technology has made life easier for people with hearing loss. Now, deaf or hard of hearing children can go to school and participate in activities with their peers using such solutions.

But, what else besides this? What else can be done for such children?

To answer these questions, we’ve compiled a list of the best applications specifically designed for children with hearing impairments and to help them learn easily.

Small ears

Small ears

Designed for toddlers and toddlers with hearing loss, Little Years is a nifty little app that helps with early speech and language development. The app is quite attractive and easy to use; It does not contain unnecessary elements or deviations, which leads to overeating. Little Years has twenty sets with three images each; Children can tap to hear sounds or name objects and do simple quizzes, which facilitates speech and language.



The auditory-oral application addresses the detection and understanding of gender 6 sounds (more silence) for individuals with hearing aids or cochlear implants. Therapists can use this app as a quick hearing aid check-in therapy session. Application The application includes flashcards representing 6 gender sounds (and silence) that represent a range of speech sounds at low to high frequencies. Auditory verbal therapy includes male voice, female voice and the ability to record your voice. Furthermore, to track progress, after each practice session, the app provides a data chart of correct and incorrect responses with space to type your notes and print or email the results.

Cochlear word of hope

Koshilar Asha

Cochlear Hope Words is a child-friendly online app for listening and speaking languages. The Cochlear Hope Words app is adapted from Speech Sounds and Speech Sounds tones – two well-known HOPE resources for exposing children’s speech sounds in English. The application offers interactive flashcards for alphabets organized by speech sounds related to a particular letter. Each letter of the alphabet contains 20 different interactive pop-up cards. Thus, when a child touches a word or image, the image expands with vocal narration.

His goal is to enable the child to do auditory introspection by hearing a word and adapting it to the sound of his voice. Vocabulary development is also facilitated by the fact that the child gives meaning to the spoken word related to the image.


I hear that

This app lets kids practice recognizing gender 6 sounds in fun matching games. iHear who has divided the game into two levels; Easy: Includes images as visual elements for sound recognition and Difficult: To make it easier for deaf children to learn, children need to recognize matches by voice.

Sound match

Sound Match 01 2

Sound Match is a unique and fun audio-memory game designed to help children learn and distinguish sounds. This application helps to develop a child’s memory with five different themes. Also, it improves their ability to recognize and recognize different sounds. Total improvement on concentration and attention skills. Similar to traditional memory games, sound matches have three difficulties that challenge your child’s memory skills, as he will need to match the image with the sound of the image and vice versa.

Signed stories

Signed stories

Signed Stories is a great app to help kids with hearing impairments read stories. It has a collection of the best high-definition books up to 99 ¢ / 79p – preview before you buy. Stories are chosen to support general core state standards and national curriculum vocabulary builders and fun learning games.

Furthermore, this video helps build language skills with Vocabulary Builder, optional captions / subtitles for children with dyslexia, and special needs customized as needed.

ASL with Care Bears

ASL care of bears

ASL Care Bears is a fantastic app for deaf children and those who struggle to control their emotions while interacting with others who do not understand them. 2, the application is packed with 2,500+ symbols and phrases, easy navigation and features, easy to learn with different signatures, accessible and fun.

Here, students can save their favorite symbols or symbols they want to practice more, go into slow mode, and tap / scrub when you enjoy pausing the video or going back a bit.

If you are a teacher for hearing impaired children, these applications have the right solutions for your students. Try them.

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