Tech Mahindra partners with Career Labs to transform more than 3000 graduates into skilled professionals

Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services and solutions, has partnered with Adtech Startup Career Labs to transform more than 3,000 graduates into skilled professionals, armed with industry-related skills and highly competitive technical know-how.

Under the new partnership program, students will have the opportunity to complete in-depth upskilling courses on specific skill tracks set by Tech Mahindra, such as full stack development, and guidance from eminent industry experts. Upon successful completion of the training, students have the opportunity to take up roles in various fields at Tech Mahindra.

Speaking about the partnership and how it will help nurture young people with relevant technical and leadership skills, Vaishali Phatak, Head – Technical Learning Services and Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), Tech Mahindra, Said,

“With the massive digital transformation in all sectors, there is a huge demand for highly skilled workers who are hindering education and skills. Raising young people with relevant technical and leadership skills is the main focus area for education and industry. Our goal is to empower students with knowledgeable in-depth upskilling courses and skillful guidance. This will help them identify and pursue their career aspirations at the speed of their choice.

According to an official statement, the event will debut in the current exhibition of industry-related educational offers provided by CareerLabs. It is carefully designed not only to equip the next generation of technology with industry-related employment skills but also to address the shortage of IT professionals ready for jobs in the industry. During the training program, CareerLabs plans to enable young people with industry-related skills to face the wave of changes in the IT industry through training and recruitment.

Compared to the previous year, in 2021, there has been a 200% increase in IT recruitment in India due to the epidemic. While there are thousands of fresh graduates looking for jobs in the tech industry, only a fraction of them are ready for industry. In line with Tech Mahindra, CareerLabs aims to bridge the gap between the ever-growing pool of new graduates seeking to enter the IT industry and the growing demand for job-ready professionals familiar with the erratic trends in the industry.

From preparing students for the IT faith to providing Tech Mahindra with well-equipped skilled resources to deal with the ever-changing industry trends, CareerLabs, through this partnership, seeks to ensure that a new generation of IT professionals is the cream of the crop.

Commenting on a new partnership, PN Santosh, CEO of CareerLabs, Says,

“Our primary goal at CareerLabs is to equip students to enter the job market after graduation and bridge the gap between college education and industry needs. This MoU with Tech Mahindra will add a new dimension to our mission.”

The new program welcomes freshers with backgrounds for projects and roles in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, E&TC, Electronics, IT, Communications, MSc Computer Science and IT, and Java, Testing, Agile and DevOps; At the moment there is a huge demand for everything in the industry. Any student who has graduated between 2019-2021 is eligible for this program as long as they have obtained 60% or more marks in their SSC, HSC, Bachelor Degree and Master Degree.

One of India’s leading Adtech companies, CareerLabs has gained the trust of thousands of students and professionals in a short span of time. CareerLabs has led the country‚Äôs first profile building platform in its unique mission to help novice professionals hone their skills and create the best possible profile for the job they want.

To apply for this exciting training program, you can visit Here.

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