Square Panda India launches two new app-based learning platforms for teachers and beginners

EdTech company Square Panda India has launched two in-house apps – SquareHub and Square Activity aimed at providing teachers and early learners with an AI-powered personalized learning experience – two key stakeholders in the educational ecosystem.

Both apps can be accessed on Google and Android Play Store. In addition, SquareHub will also be available through a dedicated portal.

Ashish Jhalani, President (International Markets) Square Panda Inc. and Managing Director, Square Panda India says, “Square Panda India has always been actively involved in tackling the biggest environmental challenges in India and the launch of SquareHub and Square Activity is another step in this direction. These innovations help young students develop the basic skills they need and equip teachers with the 21st century skills they need to help them reach their full potential. EdTech can help deliver relevant, accessible and inclusive solutions to today’s challenges, and we believe these research-derived and technology-enabled learning platforms can have a positive impact on the lives of countless Indians across the country. ”

SquareHub is a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps teachers facilitate training and learning needs for their professional development. As a multi-language platform, it helps teachers create, manage, manage, access and monitor online training materials for teachers. This way teachers can remotely access self-study courses and instructor-led training. The app provides easy integration with other platforms like Zoom.

The Square Activity App is developed for beginners (ages 2-8) with the aim of building their basic skills through a series of fun and engaging learning activities.

“Lack of basic skills in early students is a real challenge today, endangering an entire generation of students and forcing them to play with their peers. The socio-economic costs will be huge. Square Activity is designed to help you understand basic English concepts, such as grammar and basic vocabulary. ” Tracy Cardoz, Director of Education, Square Panda India.

Both apps are multilingual, device-agnostic, and they can access both online and offline modes.

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