Scalar Academy earns को 1 million pocket-friendly coding platform ‘Coding Minutes’

Scaler Academy, an up-skilling platform for tech business and college students, has purchased the online learning platform Coding Minutes for 1 million in an all-cash deal.

With the latest acquisition, the Bengaluru-based startup Scalar aims to focus on creating specialized content targeted at novice-level technology aspirants. To date, the Adtech platform has focused on enhancing existing technology talent.

The acquisition allows Scaler to create content for students and professionals who want to enter the tech industry and who have no coding or programming background. In addition, Scaler is expected to strengthen coaches and engineering teams as well.

As part of the deal, coding minutes will become part of the scalar and will continue to bring pocket-friendly special courses for beginners.

Coding Minutes hopes to strengthen its rental pipeline as many students on platforms from Tier 3 cities do not get many employment opportunities.

Launched in early 2021 by Prateek Narang, Mohit Uniyal and Jatin Virmani, Coding Minutes provides top-notch learning materials and on-demand programming, programming languages, data structures and algorithms, machine learning and full-stack web development skills. The platform also offers highly practical courses including video courses, coding challenges, project files and fresh learning experience. The startup aims to provide affordable and high quality coding education for everyone.

According to a statement, Coding Minutes has enrolled more than 20,000 students from 120 countries in various courses.

Speaking of the platform, Co-founder of Coding Minutes, Prateek Narang“Over the last few years, Scaler has really disrupted the country’s technical education sector. He has created a solid results-oriented learning platform. Together, we can accelerate the contribution of Indian engineers and technicians.

Coding Minutes has over 50,000 beginner coders and has accumulated 6 million minutes of viewing time in their courses. The e-learning platform is projected to go up to an ARR of INR 1 crore in the current financial year.

In 2019, IIT Hyderabad students focus on Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena co-founders, Scaler Academy college students and technicians. This platform provides guidance to help students crack in the recruitment process as well as provide references for software opportunities.

Speaking of editing, Abhimanyu Saxena, co-founder of Scalar Academy, Said, “We are very excited about this acquisition because the coding minutes team is fantastic. They are a great combination of great engineering minds with a sincere passion for teaching and giving back to society. It’s really a 1 + 1> 2 type of partnership. The impact that we can create together is enormous, and we would not have been able to achieve it without each other. “

In August of this year, Scaler purchased coding components to accelerate business growth. To expand its offer, the company recently introduced a data science and machine learning program and a unique subscription-based lifetime career accelerator.

Currently, Scaler has more than 650 employees on its platform and more than 1,000 mentors or teaching assistants. So far, more than 8,500 students have joined Scholar’s educational programs.

As proof of its growth, Scaler Academy raised 20 20 million in Series A funding in January 2020, led by investors such as Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global and Rocket Internet.

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