SafeShare TV allows you to share YouTube videos with students safely and without interruption

SafeShate TV is a website that allows you to watch YouTube and Vimeo videos in a hassle-free environment. SafeShare removes all distracting features from videos, including links to related videos, inappropriate ad prerolls, and annotations, making it a safer viewing experience. It is definitely an ideal platform to use in educational settings.

Instead of using third-party tools to convert YouTube videos into acceptable presentations for use in your classroom, you can create video content with one click that students (and anyone else in that case) can watch in a safe environment.

Many teachers and parents do not support using YouTube in the classroom and especially for young students and, of course, for good reason. Every time I post something about YouTube here on, I receive emails from teachers and parents asking them to stop promoting YouTube as an educational website. Some of these emails are, ironically, inappropriate in themselves. I acknowledge and share the same concerns and I always make sure to remind parents and teachers that infants and children should never be allowed access to YouTube, periodically, without supervision.

However, there are always two sides to the coin and you should never focus on just the empty side of the cup. Undoubtedly, YouTube hosts a wealth of educational video content for free and open to the public. So my argument here is that with YouTube or any other web tool, extra amount of discretion and attention is required when considering young students. And at no other age is it the same.

That being said, let’s explore this interesting platform that can help us harness the educational potential of YouTube and Vimeo in a safe and secure way. Is using Safeshare TV, You’ll be able to remove potential sources of inappropriate content (e.g. related videos, comments, etc.) that are usually associated with videos on YouTube and Vimeo. The way it works is simple and straightforward. Copy the URL of the video you want to convert to SafeView and paste it into SafeShare’s search box, then click ‘Create SafeView’. Go there! You now have a video that plays on a neat and clean surface.

SafeShare features

SafeShare offers a number of useful features that make the YouTube and Vimeo video viewing experience even more student friendly. As a tutor, you also have the option to trim videos when you generate a SafeView version of your videos, allowing you to show the parts you want to share with your students. Select specific points or timestamps in your video and share focused clips. This way, not only will you save extra teaching time that you can divert to other educational activities in the classroom, but you will also reduce the chances of students becoming distracted and distracted.

Safeshare TV

You can also edit the title and description of YouTube videos in SafeShare. For example, when you trim a video, you can give the title and a short description to the students explaining what it is. Or, you can use the description section to share with the students specific instructions and guidelines on how to interact with the content in the video. You can include comprehension test questions and more.

As the creator of SafeViews, you have complete control over the privacy settings of your videos and playlists. Videos generated by SafeShare can be shared using a unique URL or QR code, email, social media sites and more. They can also be shared directly on Google Classroom.

To make the best use of SafeShare TV, I recommend that you open an account with them. In your SafeShare account, you can create playlists, create circles (which are groups of contacts) and share videos with your contacts. In fact, circles are a great feature to use with your students. You can manually add students to your circles and share SafeView with them with one click. The free version of SafeShare limits you to 10 contacts only, you need to subscribe to the premium version for more.

Safeshare TV Available in three languages ​​besides English: Netherlands, Portuguese and Spanish.
Safeshare TV

Note that the free Basic SafeShare plan offers limited options which include only 20 secure views, 2 playlists, 10 contacts and 2 circles. The premium plan offers unlimited access to all these features.

Here is what SafeShare said in a note to parents:

YouTube’s “Safety Mode” is incomplete. There are many videos that do not have the appropriate age range. In fact, some videos are specifically designed to fool YouTube’s content filters, as the New York Times reports: “Amazing Video Slip Past Filters on YouTube Kids.” SafeShare was launched to reassure parents and keep children safe while watching online videos.

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