RVCF, an online coding platform for young children, raises seed funds from others

Codevidhya, an EdTech startup that provides online coding classes for children, has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed fund round from Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund (RVCF), Digital Futurist Angels Network and angel investor Vinay Chaudhary.

The Jaipur-based startup is using the new capital to expand to other countries, to include new courses in the curriculum for skills development, and to expand its technology and production team.

Founded by Shivram Chaudhary in 2016, Kodividhya aims to create the next generation of prodigies by providing a knowledgeable but fun platform for young students to acquire coding skills. Startups believe that coding is the most appropriate tool for promoting skills such as logic, problem solving, creative thinking and more. The platform currently offers courses in a number of programming languages, including Scratch Coding, App Development, Web Development, Python, and Artificial Intelligence.

Codevidhya currently has over 35,000 learners on the platform and its goal is to grow its student and coaching community with the best courses and courses.

Speaking about the company and its success, Coderam founder and CEO Shivram Chaudhary said,

“We guide young students to thrive in this new world that equips them with the skills of the future and raises awareness to be the architects of their own lives. 70%. The brand plans to add 100,000 new students a year to its platform. “

According to Chaudhary, teaching children coding has become a need of the hour. He said that coding is like any other language which a child needs to know in order to survive with the changing landscape and better understand the world of technology.

RVCF, the major investor in the round, said in a statement:

“Students are evolving into the digital world today and they need to be taught this technology from an early age so that they can keep up with the ever evolving technology landscape around the world. With the funding, we hope the brand will continue to expand and improve the global learning landscape, creating a better world. “

Vivek Gupta, Director, Digital Futurist Angels Network, said that with a global CAGR of 20%, the global educational technology market for 2021 will be $ 106 billion and he believes that code will play a significant role as India reaches $ 30 billion in the next ten years. Adtech.

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