outline of upGrad growth plans; The goal is to add 100+ online programs in the next 24 months

Aligned with the vision of becoming a trusted LifeLongLearning partner for millions of people, upGrad has unveiled its plans to add 100+ online programs over the next 24 months.

The announcement comes at a time when epidemic-driven technological advances have widened the demand-supply gap for skilled workers in the country.

upGrad is probably the only high-end EdTech in the country that has a diverse portfolio with state-of-the-art online programs that offer multiple career services under one roof, from Bachelor to Masters and Doctorate, with high quality university partners. With the latest technology, pedagogy, industry partners and world-class professors, the company builds immersive online learning experiences for its learners globally and currently offers programs in the fields of data, management, software and technology, business analysis, law, digital marketing. , Crime, health, among others.

Speaking of expansion plans, Arjun Mohan, CEO-India, upgrad Commented,

“UpGrad started with just 1 program and today we are here, a huge set of online courses on various domains to help our students in their lifelong learning journey not only in India but in 100 countries. Now as we move forward new ones are being added. .Which will be more focused and will encourage niche professionals to acquire higher skills online and acquire advanced skills at no cost to the opportunity. “

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), by 2025, about 85 million people will lose their jobs. However, in the same period, 97 million new jobs will be created, which will require very different skills. Without the ability to quickly and massively retrain people, millions of people would potentially be displaced from work. This suggests that upskilling is essential and one of the most important things professionals can do not only to maintain their current job roles but also to move forward in their careers or make meaningful transitions in their careers.

Co-founded by Ronnie Screwvala with Mayank Kumar and Falgun Kompalli, upGrad, as their faithful LifeLongLearning partner, is changing the lives of millions for the better by achieving career success for every member of the global workforce. His curriculum includes live and recorded lectures from industry leaders and veterans, hierarchical assignments to strengthen the masterclass and subject base, frequent networking sessions, and stable career support for meaningful career outcomes.

upGrad has affected a total of 2 million registered learners in more than 50+ countries. EdTech is taking a major leap and recently surpassed the USD 210 million annual revenue run rate in September this year. With a lined growth plan, the company is now on track to achieve its ambition to become a global leader in the high-tech sector.

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