Online social learning platform raises $ 10 million in Five Series A funding

FiveAble, a Milwaukee-based online social learning platform that seeks to democratize teaching materials and empower students as part of a series of funding rounds led by New York City-based Union Square Ventures. .

Education technology-focused venture capital firm Owl Ventures and early-stage venture capital firm Progress Fund have participated in the round.

With the new funding, the company plans to expand its team to serve 18 million U.S. high school students, including high school academic, college and career exploration, vocational training, finance and mental health.

Five classes help students grow together across the classroom through authentic content and community created specifically for and for students. The platform brings students to new realities and opportunities, re-energizing students by giving them access to resources, peer support and collaborative tools. The team is committed to the student-first approach by hiring and paying student interns across all departments, supporting students ’first experience beyond just the academic field, and creating student focus groups that drive the company’s roadmap.

The company was founded in 2018 with educator and activist Amanda Doameral and community builder Ton Ho and supports more than 7 million high school students with its online community that was primarily focused on advanced placement (AP) test preparation. The goal is to reach 18 million high school students across the country with ongoing support in areas such as high school education, SAT and Acts, college and career exploration, vocational training, finance, mental health, activism and more. To support these new ventures, five plans to grow our team in the coming year with major hires in production, engineering and design.

Speaking about the company, FiveWable Ten Ho’s co-founder and chief experience officer said in a statement,

“It is important to provide academic support to students, but to take a holistic approach to their personal growth by introducing topics such as financial literacy or sharing practical advice related to mental health. We are not here to implement traditional education models. We are here to build community-based support systems. To enable young people to see themselves not only as students but also as a force for change and inspiration. “

In 2021, the platform of virtual studies, with five hours of strategic acquisition, increased the fiveable perceptions and expanded to 38 other AP topics.

Rebecca Kaden, managing partner at Union Square Ventures, said:

“USV’s dissertation focuses on taking advantage of platforms and networks to expand access by increasing value and reducing costs. In education, we believe this will happen outside of existing systems – new networks that emerge to provide value in a more remote, more personalized, accessible and Relating to students, FiveBable is exactly that – a network of loyal and passionate students and communities that are at the grassroots, dedicated and urgently needed for how students learn. We are thrilled to be a part of that. “

Amanda Doameral, co-founder of FiveAble, said the company is becoming a platform and base for students to really go to live and learn.

In a growth effort, the biggest challenge for DoAmaral Fiveable is what any community has to consider, ensuring the integrity of the space from both the infrastructure and the community perspective.

Series A funding brings the total growth of FiveAble to 14.2 million. Earlier, the company had raised 3 2.3 million in October 2020 and in April 2021 from investors such as BBG Ventures, Chelsea Clinton Metrodora Ventures, Serena Williams’ Serena Ventures, Swile Partners, Sogal, Sparrow Ventures, Matchstick Ventures, Cream City Ventures. Capitol, Deborah Quazo, 27V, and Golden Angel among others.

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