On-demand math help through Math Games gives children access to 24/7 teacher-led lessons

The game is an amazing platform for learning. In fact, every great game is a learning experience. Math Games has over 1200 ways to practice math and presents these skills to students through lively and stimulating interactive scenes. The game of mathematics is used as a way to personalize learning throughout schools and allows each student to progress at a pace that meets their learning needs.

Math game It gives more than 31 million student users access to online games and digital worksheets to help make learning math more interesting and engaging.

With “Math Help on Demand”, Math Games CEO Bill Cara hopes the latest feature of their platform will help alleviate some of the school’s concerns facing families and teachers. This offer is the largest online math skills tutorial on the Internet. Students have open access to children 24/7 for more than 80 hours under the guidance of a teacher. In fact, the company partnered with 20 different teachers across the United States to film the video. Everyone worked closely with Cara and her development team, filming the children during the summer months before returning to the unprecedented ‘new normal’ for schooling.

“Parents and children across the country are facing a new generation of challenges these days when it comes to education,” said Cara. “We hope that we can ease the burden of remote / hybrid learning for parents and students when they need on-demand access to children as per the demand of the teachers. These videos were created as a large library for young children to help them better understand the math lessons they receive every day. ”

Cara hopes to give parents “math help on demand” – many of whom are stuck with their own work schedules and will help children after finishing distance school – even a little relief.

As part of Teach me Family of products (including properties) TypeRacer, Edshelf And PlayGeography), The developers of Math Games are adept at creating engaging experiences that are easily accessible from any digital medium.

To streamline access and accommodate students with a variety of device needs, the team at Math Games ensured that each video was optimized for mobile, allowing for instant connectivity with smartphones and tablets, as well as content on the web.

“The goal is to reduce the distance between teachers and students as much as possible,” Cara added.

Posted by Veronica Amanta.

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