Norwegian Adtech firm Dfavo will help Indian students navigate their aspirations to study abroad

Norwegian Adtech firm Dfavo is working to enable Indian students to navigate the post-learning world of foreign universities.

Dfavo is an online platform that enables access to education globally with world class service status and dedicated service organization in India. The platform facilitates overseas search, application, admission and visa processing by connecting international students, recruitment partners and educational institutions on an all-in-one platform.

Co-founded by Harinder Singh Aulakh of Indian descent with P Kl Kvalheim, Dfavo is located just outside Chandigarh with its headquarters in Oslo, Norway. The company claims that in the first 12 months of its operation in India, it has facilitated more than 10,000 Indian students to study abroad. Dfavo claims that its platform has already been used by more than 3,400 channel partners, providing access to more than 1,100 educational institutions around the world and helping more than 18,000 students globally.

As the world begins to open up for international students to travel, Dfavo is working to meet the growing demand from students seeking educational opportunities abroad.

Detailed on how the company helps Indian students navigate the covid-related needs of foreign students, Harinder Singh Aulakh, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Dafao, Said,

“At Dfavo we help students at every stage of the application process, from advising on various schools and education to supporting the destination countries to apply for visas. By supporting the entire process, we ensure that students are successful in accepting their dream education.”

Harinder further said, “India’s future lies in its youth. An educated population is the promise of any prosperous and successful nation. Dfavo is establishing itself as a favorite study portal in India that facilitates access to good education abroad. My own life journey has given me the opportunity to earn two degrees and enjoy a great career. Everyone should have that opportunity and I am proud of how we can help young, entrepreneurial students in India achieve their dreams. ”

Dfavo also aims to make India a major destination for foreign students to choose India as a destination for their higher education. The company is already supporting students from Africa to study at Indian universities and students from Nepal at Japanese institutions. The goal is to create a truly global platform that enables students from around the world to access higher education.

To shed light on the company’s vision, P Kl Kvalheim, co-founder and CEO, Dfavo, Said,

“Access to quality education is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better future for all. At Dfavo we have the enthusiasm and pride of every student who is able to pursue higher education abroad. Good education means access to a better future for the individual and society as a whole. Dfavo is here to make that future access as easily available as possible and safe for students. We consider India as our home market because it is the country where we started our service and where we have a very large team..

The key objectives for Dfavo in India over the next few months include:

  • Keep expanding its support services for Indian students who want to study abroad anywhere
  • Expand operations in India with job opportunities and social equality in its workforce
  • Build Dfavo’s reputation as a leading place to work in India and a preferred employer
  • Support the economic growth of modern India through service technology and entrepreneurship

Dfavo’s ethical guidelines put student needs first, and are key guidelines for the entire organization and all channel partners. Dfavo combines an easily available digital platform with a good level of human service. Students are guaranteed a scholarship when they start studying when they sign-up to use the service directly.

Some of the key aspects that set Dfavo apart from other similar foreign study platforms include: putting student needs first; Students can apply directly on the platform or with the support of a trusted local partner; Providing direct access to university training which is usually beyond the reach of individual counselors and the platform speeds up the receipt of university offers and confirms enrollment abroad.

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