NextGen Skill Learning Platform for Kids BrightChamps raises 63M to 500M

BrightChamps, a next-generation life skills learning platform for kids, has raised $ 51 million in new funding rounds, bringing the total to निधी 63 million since the company’s inception.

The tour was led by Premji Invest (Azim Premji’s private investment office) and was attended by Adtech-centric VC GSV Ventures, Singapore-based VC BEENEXT, Flipkart co-founder Binny Bansal and Bengaluru-based 021 Capital.

According to a statement, the Goa-headquartered startup plans to use the new capital to expand its reach by launching more courses in other related verticals and exploring opportunities to acquire new companies that share missions and sensitivities. It plans to double its current market share and expand its footprint in the US and Canada.

Founded by Ravi Bhushan in July 2020, BrightChamps aims to empower children ages 6 to 16 around the world through a live learning program that is powerfully built with the next generation of life skills. The startup teaches children programming, artificial intelligence, and more, and currently operates in more than 10 countries, including many in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Speaking about the platform, BrightChamps founder and CEO Ravi Bhushan said,

“The concept of BrightChamps was conceived with a single thought – what do tomorrow’s youth need to excel in this rapidly changing pace of the modern world?” So far, we have been amazed at the love we have received from parents and students from different countries. “

Brightchamps said that currently more than one million registered students are spending more than 6 million minutes per month on its platform for live learning, guided by nearly a thousand online instructors from around the world. In the current calendar year, the startup claims a 10X increase in annual recurring earnings. Bhushan said the growth of startups has so far been completely organic and they have not used any of the money raised by investors.

Commenting on the investment, TK Kurien, former CEO of Wipro and managing partner of Premji Invest, said in a statement:

“In less than a year, BrightChamps has established itself as the fastest growing EdTech company in the market in which it serves. Leveraging human resources globally to provide a personalized experience, as well as BrightChamps with its unique ability to differentiate learning pathways. On the way to proving that the power of education can be combined. “

Currently, the leadership team of BrightChamps is operating out of Goa, but they plan to launch a facility in Bangalore for employees wishing to work on a hybrid model. Bhushan said the company is launching a peer-to-peer experience and is planning to host Olympiads and a tech hackathon.

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