Must have 5 apps for professional and aspiring florists

So you have chosen the rosy path of floristry for your career. And, of course, your passion

Flowers have attracted you to this business. But, it manages, not all floral and beautiful

Efficient delivery of professional services, is there?

Like any other business in the world, floristry has its share of problems

Are different from creating a bouquet of artistically gorgeous flowers. You want to be stable

Customer flow, booking for events to sustain themselves in the market. You need it too

Manage the supply chain to the satisfaction of your customers. Customer management

Database, engaging with existing and potential buyers, inventory tracking, effective handling

Point-of-Sales (POS), and so on.

Your attention.

But don’t panic! There are plenty of convenient software applications available right now

Truly floristry can be a rosy way to walk equally for professional and aspiring florists.

Read on to find out what you need to have 5 apps that can make your life easier and more fun as a florist

Your customers are also very happy!


Use curates to submit proposals for events to manage every aspect of the service up to the event

At पूर्ण 100 per full month, the app is available for Windows, Mac, Cloud, iPhone

And iPad. The app easily maintains all the boring things like invoice generation

Distribution leaflets, making attractive proposals etc.

Things with flower arrangements.

Hana POS

A simple, web-based application, Hana POS offers and allows a range of marketing features

Advanced integration with floristry related software that can help you simplify your work

Business. Although the app price starts at $ 50 per month, however, is the best part

That free version is available.

Flower shop software

Keep track of your flower delivery in addition to managing your orders with this app available

Windows. Priced at $ 199, the app has a free version for your convenience.


Manage your customers seamlessly with Honeybook and automate tedious documentation

The app is available on Cloud, Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux. Its features

Include activity dashboard, real-time notifications, billing, payment processing, email

Management, social media integration, etc. Take advantage of the free trial or purchase the service at a

Starting price of 9 per month.


Use clover to easily manage your retail payment system and generate real-time Transaction reports and statistics. The app will take care of your accounting system Business. Subscribe to a free trial of an app deployed in the Platform category

Such as cloud, windows, android, ios etc.

Which of these apps do you already use as a professional florist? You want to add

Anything else for a list of aspiring florists? Tell us

Last but not least, increase your creativity if you are thinking of joining the floristry brigade.


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