Mexico’s Winco raises 2.4M to help companies empower workers through education opportunities

Vinco, a Mexican EdTech platform that connects employees to online learning opportunities, has raised 2.4 million in a seed funding round led by Angel Ventures, a leading angel investment network in Mexico.

The round was backed by investors such as Alter Global and Reach Capital, as well as women investors such as Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Beth Axelrod and Holly Liu.

With the latest investment, the Monterey-based company plans to grow in Mexico and expand to other Latin American countries.

Launched in April 2021 by Lissy Giacomán Colyer, Sofía Sada and Miriam Fernández, Vinco provides a continuing education program for workers. The company’s business model is based on a win-win vision: in addition to improving the professional growth of workers, it also serves as a means of sustainability for companies – especially for companies with high employee turnover. Using tech tools, Winko seeks to bridge both the educational gap in the country and the struggle of companies to maintain their workers with appropriate incentives.

By offering education-related benefits for companies, Vinco seeks to bridge the skills gap that currently exists in Latin America by adding millions of people to its ongoing education program by providing education-related benefits to businesses.

Commenting on the fund, Hernan Fernandez, managing partner of Angel Ventures Mexico, said,

“We’re excited to be part of the story of Winko’s three great entrepreneurs … their value proposition is getting a very good response and more and more good names are using it.”

According to Vinco, 30-50 percent of online learners drop out within the first year. To reduce this, the platform offers each student a “trainer”. Instructors help students register for classes which can be a complicated process and then make sure students stay on track and complete the course.

Vinco recently announced its partnership with Chinese delivery and ride-sharing company Didi. The purpose is to help distribution staff complete their school readiness. With this partnership, Startup Delivery offers priority rates for more than 700 educational programs available to employees and their close relatives. Winko’s educational catalog ranges from language courses to his entire professional career.

Although there is some presence in Colombia and Spain, Vinco operates mainly in Mexico. The company plans to launch the project in other Latin American countries soon.

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