Learning Emoji – Tools and apps for students

Emoji (😐😛😜😍😂😊) is a partial representation of affection and feelings. They take the form of visual symbols used with the text or to express inner feelings, attitudes, and emotional cues about one’s inner state. Due to the social web revolution and especially in the last few years, emojis have become the main communication tools used on various platforms. They guarantee a semi-omni presence in the online digital discourse. And in the case of GIFs, emojis have entered the world of education as more and more teachers and educators capitalize on their effective communication power to stimulate student communication and enhance their socio-emotional learning.

There are many ways to use emojis in education – focus on one of the main themes: provide ways for students to express their feelings and opinions in a more visual way. As the saying goes, pictures speak louder – than words, and emojis have a visual ability to express the subtleties of meaning. Students can use it in online discussion platforms, in chat rooms, in emails, in writing projects and in many other learning activities to increase participation, to express inner feelings and thoughts.

Below is a collection of some of my favorite tools and apps that students can use to find, access, and create their own custom emoji.

Emoji Keyboard offers an integrated keyboard that allows you to find and use emoji. With one click you can add emojis almost everywhere, including websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Another interesting keyboard that lets you input emojis into a web browser. It also offers an integrated search functionality to help find emoji. When you hover your mouse over the emoji, you can see what it means. With one click you can copy it to your clipboard or insert it wherever you like.

Webmoji is a search engine that lets you search for any type of emoji. Just type the meaning of the emoji you are looking for and let the webmoji do the rest for you. When you find an emoji, click on it to copy it directly to your clipboard. Webmoji is web-based and Odds does not require any registration.

This is an iPad app that you can use to create custom animated emojis that can be integrated into your email, website, chat platform and more. The way it works is simple and straightforward: choose the expression you like, add your text to the emoji, add animations and props, and get there.

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