Indonesian Virtual Reality Platform Shinta VR Increases Pre-Series A Funding

Shinta VR, an Indonesian virtual reality company, has raised an undisclosed amount in the pre-Series A funding round from Tigalapan Investma Group and Investa Saylendra Nuswantara (INSAN).

The company plans to use the new funds to recruit more talent and conduct further research on its existing and future VR platforms.

Founded in 2016 by Andes Rizky, Andrew Steven Puika and Japanese-born Akira Sou, Shinta VR is a virtual reality company that uses VR / AR / MR technology to make beautiful ideas come true. The platform has developed a number of products and is trusted by enterprises to develop various virtual reality and augmented reality projects related to education, training, simulation, entertainment and sports.

Shinta VR started as a B2B service company that develops customized VR content and software. However, it has migrated to three new models: Millealab, a VR-based learning platform for K-12; An enterprise training platform known as SpaceCollab; And a virtual character platform that can be used to create virtual YouTuber.

Milelab is the main temple of Shinta. It is an all-in-one software platform for creating VR educational content quickly, easily and economically. So far, Milelab has been used by more than 5,200 school teachers and thousands of students from Indonesia.

According to Andis Rizki, co-founder of Shinta VR, all of Shinta’s platforms can offer metavers experience – a trend that gained a lot of publicity when Facebook named its company Meta – albeit to a lesser extent. Despite their focus on education, the platforms are trying to consolidate users ’emotional responses in a VR-based environment. The emotional response is critical to developing a large-scale metavers world.

Shinta VR is the first VR startup in Indonesia. Platforms related to virtual reality and augmented reality technology in Indonesia claim to be the most active and innovative company so far.

Prior to this latest funding, Shinta VR had raised external funding from the Telecomcell Innovation Center (TINC) and Japan-based Rentrax Cochrane.

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