ImaginXP, OrangeSlates Partner to Upskill 50k Teachers for Better Teaching and Learning

ImagineXP, a virtual university providing vocational courses in India, is partnering with OrangeSlates, the nation’s fastest growing teacher skills platform, to enhance the skills of over 50,000 schoolteachers using new digital technology tools, new age teaching methods. Attitude

The OrangeSlates-owned platform will be used by the country’s top experts and teachers to advance teachers using a series of short-term live training sessions. Along with this partnership, the EdTech duo has also announced their ‘School Connect Program’, under which they will reach 5000 schools so that they can skillfully empower both teachers and students to help shape a better future. The program will also provide live counseling sessions.

Furthermore, in line with their objective of educating teachers, they are also launching long-term programs for teachers in collaboration with some of the top universities in India. Using these courses, teachers can now participate in programs that will enable them to keep pace with the growing EdTech industry globally.

The following are the things to keep in mind when designing a curriculum for teachers:

● Short-term expert-led live courses – courses that meet the needs of advanced skills such as implementing hybrid learning in schools, augmented reality, digital tools like Google Workspace for Education.

अभ्यास Curriculum designed according to NEP 2020- The latest educational policy designed in 2020 places special emphasis on the development of an individual’s creative ability. It is based on the principle that education should not only develop cognitive abilities but also focus on the basic abilities to acquire higher education and skills.

थेट Direct Instructor-Leadership Training through OrangeSlates – OrangeSlates will offer live short-term training courses to all teachers in eligible schools to enhance the learning experience for their students.

Speaking on strategic collaboration, ImaginXP founder and CEO Shashank Shweta said,

“At ImaginXP, we offer future skills degree programs and credit certificate courses that are consistent with corporate-led courses aimed at providing students and aspirants with a coaching platform to help them write their own success. We have experienced a huge increase in these courses. A large number of students have seen success with time and our current offerings. We believe that our teachers need a platform that will enable them to grow. Our partnership with OrangeSlates will help us define success for teachers who are not just teachers. But in recent times, they have had difficulty developing their own skills. With short-term and direct training programs, our teachers now have an equal opportunity to advance their careers. “

OrangeSlates is India’s fastest growing platform for higher skills education on a wide range of pedagogy, teaching strategies and latest tools. With highly engaging and hands-on live programs and power-packed on-demand courses, more than 4000+ teachers have mastered themselves and become future ready teachers.

Commenting on the partnership, OrangeSlate co-founder and CEO Pradip Pillai said,

“We had many (not all) teachers who were accustomed to using new age technologies such as smart boards or smart classes. However, the adoption was slow and probably took a long time. Instead of training them overnight with gadget upgrades, software support, or in most cases an online teaching space.

“We are thrilled to partner with ImaginXP to empower more than 50,000 teachers and motivate, educate and engage their students.” By using these short-term training courses offered by selected experts in the country or long-term courses offered by top universities, our teachers will now have the opportunity to learn new age teaching methods, to understand the importance of using the latest digital tools. Improve your skills and move towards career advancement, ”Pillai added.

ImagineXP is a leading high-end company in the field of futures-skills offering full-time degree programs, credits and executive certifications. These are high quality industry-driven programs in the fields of UX, Industrial Design, Communication Design, AI / ML, Data Science, Health-Tech, RPA, Fintech, Management, Entrepreneurship etc. Over the years, ImaginXP has partnered with 30+ universities across the country. 1250+ working professionals work as corporate instructors and mentors on the ImaginXP MyCoach platform and provide training and guidance through masterclasses and live projects to enhance students’ employability. ImagineXP is disrupting the Indian higher education sector and professionals with industry-related programs, including its future-skills programs in India.

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