IcanRead, a revolutionary tool for dyslexic people

IcanRead has officially launched in the summer of 2021.

IcanRead is a text-to-speech web app developed to help those with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, PC and Mac.

The functionality of the app is very simple; The app will read the text aloud with just a mouse tap on the text, or with a mouse if you’re using a computer. What sets IcanRead apart from current programs is its ease of use, with a lot of focus on making it possible for children to use it, which can be overwhelmed by otherwise complex interfaces.

In addition to its ease of use, IcanRead has a tripod function. Used by placing your mobile device on a tripod, and placing a book in front of it. Then by pointing to the text you want to read aloud, the app will recognize the location of your finger and read the desired text.

This app has been developed with ease in mind for everyone and currently it reads more than 40 languages ​​covering the majority of the world’s population. And the language of the read text is programmed to automatically recognize, so no language settings need to be changed.

The app focuses on serving those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities as a compliment while developing their reading skills. And with the app’s easy-to-handle interface, we want more people around the world to have access to IcanRead.

Now available: www.icanread.io

IcanRead, founded by Adam Gustavsson, is a newly formed company that aims to help dyslexic people around the world through the revolutionary web app IcanRead. The IcanRead app can be accessed on its website www.icanread.io.

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