How this strong satisfaction for safety and student participation led to network breaches

Since the advent of education technology in the first grade, safety has been a primary concern. How can we distract our children from harmful content and non-educational content while embracing the many educational benefits that technology can provide?

Mike Dogarty, Director of Technology and Information Systems at Chagrin Falls Extended Village Schools in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and 2020 ISTE Technology Coordinator, has some ideas on how to address this concern. Doherty has worked on educational technology for 21 years and currently oversees the management of 1,800 students and 300 staff. Here, he gives his thoughts on cyber security and proper use of technology in the classroom.

Adsarge: What security challenges or needs did you encounter as you expanded your district’s one-to-one device program?

Daughter: In 2011, the district knew we had to go one by one. We experimented with the classroom set of equipment while working on how it would look for us. In 2014, we went from one-to-one equipment level to nine grade levels in the same summer – from third to twelfth grade. Within two weeks of bringing in all those computers, we began experiencing network outages of about 20 minutes a day.

Because while investigating, we found that a high school student who didn’t like history classes paid the company दररोज 30 to attack the network every day before history. It took us six days to uncover the source of the attack. Then we realized that we need a stronger system to protect the network and the teachers and students who use it.

I did a Google search for the Chromebook management program, and GoGuardian Came to the fore immediately. I was able to do a demo that day. With GoGuardian, we were able to pull Internet logs and quickly find the source of the attack. If we had been using GoGuardian from the beginning, we would have been able to find the source of the problem in about 30 minutes.

How did that experience shape your approach to tackling other security challenges in the technology program?

Once we had the GoGuardian Admin, it allowed us to build more robust security systems for our fleet of 2,400 devices. We were finding loopholes in network security that I thought I had plugged in as an IT director and this gave us data that is actionable to create security parameters.

I’m not a big fan of content filtering. I believe in giving students an authentic learning experience, but in the modern age where we meet each other, we need a tool to manage these tools and know what is going on. GoGuardian uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect inappropriate content, so we don’t have to wait to find a site to block it as needed. GoGuardian sees search terms, as well as on-screen content, so our team is able to better interact with ever-changing content that is being published, saving time.

In our class, GoGuardian teacher Allows our teachers to view the screens of all their students and see their work in real time. It helps our teachers know who is on track and who is struggling, and they have the option to connect with them to get students back on track. If a student has difficulty focusing, teachers can close individual tabs or send a message to the student to check in. They can also set premature parameters where only a few websites are available. Even during the epidemic, they were able to check to make sure students were following and understanding the material.

See GoGuardian Admin in action.

What other benefits have you seen from using GoGuardian Admin in your district over the last seven years?

Despite the fact that the attack inspired this change, there have been many unexpected benefits. Once we have GoGuardian, we can show our school board and our community how our students are using technology. The insights are unprecedented. We are able to collect accurate data to minimize any misunderstandings or technical hesitations. We have also consistently been able to show that our students are using their equipment primarily for school and home-educational work.

When we are paper and pen, we often have no idea where students are on their learning journey. But now, teachers have a real-time understanding of what their students need and where they are. We have used GoGuardian to show our employees what technology tools they are using. As a result, we were able to identify building or district permits that no one was using.

Finally, GoGuardian has taken our teachers in general on their Adtech journey. Many teachers are now more willing to deploy new tools and resources because they feel safer and able to try something new. I have seen other solutions. I think GoGuardian is the best product we need. I think I am getting the best service with this product.

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