How colleges and universities are making learning attractive and relevant with the AWS cloud

Ever since the education community made major changes to virtual and distance learning, educational institutions around the world have accelerated their digital transformation initiatives.

New platforms, applications and content have spread rapidly, all of which have been developed to address different learning opportunities, requirements and outcomes.

However, the effect on students’ learning, commitment, and performance has not been entirely positive. They have remained a focused area for teachers and education providers.

When teachers, educators and researchers found that learning through social research, AR and analysis, video and gaming are some of the things that play an important role in enhancing the learning experience, capturing the essence of learning and keeping learning. Funny and relevant.

According to Adtech provider Arludo, kids love to be social, happy to discover new things and be creative. To polish these qualities, the company creates and promotes social search and learning through AR and analysis with a library of nearly 30 mobile games. Some of their games use AR to enhance their learning experience. Earludo emphasizes innovation for mobile devices because of their ability to increase collaborative participation among students. Powerful sensors on mobile devices help create immersive and interactive AR environments where students can enhance their imagination and learning ability.

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This technology helps students learn while saving valuable hours of course preparation.

How AWS enhances student learning by using video to higher education institutions

Video is the foundation of many mixed courses as it enhances the learning experience. It helps students to better understand the class material and is surprisingly useful for students who miss classes.

For higher education institutions like Ravensbourne University London, video is more important to capture the essence of learning. According to the university, video recordings have helped 78% of students understand lectures better, and 93% of students felt they couldn’t come to class even though they didn’t miss out. To support education and industry collaboration for its 2,600 students and to support more than 100 creative technology businesses using its technology and media resources, the University of Ravensbourne moved its IT infrastructure from a local information center to the AWS cloud, enabling them to enhance and capture the essence of learning. Video.

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AWS helps higher education institutions unlock how ML uses its capabilities in content storage and distribution through high-compression video technology and to enhance video streaming with automatic live captioning, translation, and even transcription.

How AWS helps educational institutions make learning using gaming interesting, engaging and relevant

Everyone loves sports and sports in education is a great tool to keep students engaged in class lectures. Naturally students are often distracted or bored in class. This is where learning gaming helps keep it interesting and engaging.

Many educational institutions take advantage of the AWS Cloud to implement gaming in online learning to keep their students engaged during class lectures. When schools across Indonesia launched their online learning initiatives in times of crisis, the country had to keep students engaged at home. Developed and distributed a Covid-1 package called ‘Game of Charity’ with Adtech provider, Solve Education !, Sampoerna Foundation The aim is to develop literary and mathematical skills in young students. Game of Charity educated students about the coronavirus and how to stay safe during epidemics. Interestingly, the game also showed the ability to improve the future employment opportunities of neglected students.

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AWS Cloud can help your organization provide gummified education.

Institutions at all levels need access to solutions that make virtual and distance learning effective, attractive and measurable. AWS provides higher education institutions with meaningful digital learning experiences.

To learn more about how AWS can help your college or university make learning engaging and relevant using cloud services, AWS Solution Expert.

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No longer a student, but loves to learn. Not the teacher, but take care of how the students are taught. Not an educator, but everyone wants to be educated. Not a social worker, but a desire to see change. Not a reformer, but always wanting to see a better world. The author believes that only proper education can bring a better future, a better world and technology can help achieve a lot in this field.

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