Here’s how to use Google Drawing to create a digital badge

A few weeks ago I reviewed Magic Digital Badges, a Google Drive add-on that enables you to easily design and assign digital badges to students. In today’s post, I’m sharing with you this practical video tutorial designed and titled for Google Education.Design and share digital badges‘. In this lesson students will learn how to use both Google Drawing and Google Slides to create digital badges.

Instructional video tutorial in Design and share digital badges Will guide students throughout the creative process. Starting with Google Drawing, students will learn how to shape and format their badges; How to add background colors, format their character attributes, before finally downloading their final badge as a JPEG file. Next, they will learn how to use Google Slides to create a personal digital scrapbook where they can create created badges or save them from others.

Design and share digital badges This activity comes with a detailed lesson plan to address the pedagogical steps and learning objectives that address it. Also, when students complete the lesson, they will receive a certificate of completion.

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