Gurugram-based school homework app raises $ 6.75 million in Quest Series A round

Quest, a Gurugram-based homework and assessment app, has raised $ 6.75 million in the Series A round, led by Celesta Capital and Premji Invest.

Existing investors including AIT Fund, Titan Capital, First Check and Marshot Ventures have also participated in the fundraising.

According to a press statement, the company plans to use the funds to build technical capabilities and expand its user base.

Founded in December 2020 by Akhil Singh, Mohsin M and Rohit Pandey, Quest enables teachers to assign ready homework or create homework through the app. The platform provides solution bank-like solutions for teachers to assign insights and analyzes to identify homework tasks and correct and incorrect answers. In addition, it also provides solutions for students such as gamified homework, practice of assigned tasks, and feedback on homework performance.

Taking advantage of data sciences and tech, Quest aims to create an education data stack that makes the ecosystem education more value-based and data-rich. The homework process in Quest takes less than 10 seconds, and 80 percent of the questions are self-assessed on the app.

Speaking of the platform, Akhil Singh, co-founder of QuestA press statement said,

“As our nation recovers from the effects of the epidemic, some changes are essential. By taking advantage of AI, we aim to increase real value and empower students and teachers. Children need to have meaningful and effective learning experiences wherever they are.”

Akhil further said in his comment, “Going forward, Quest will enable predictive and adaptive learning to help students anticipate future problems. We work with students in such a way that they understand their mistakes and over time our app is able to understand their patterns.” “

The company claims that more than 40 schools across the country are using its platform and within 50 days of its launch, more than 1 million questions have been answered on the platform. With Quest, homework is evaluated and mapped with six parameters, including cognitive abilities and skills, resulting in a more customized insight-based learning for each student.

According to a report, with two million students and 10,000 teachers on the platform, Quest is looking to increase its user base and technology capabilities with new fundraising. The company is considering hiring more experts.

Earlier this year, Quest raised $ 1.35 million in a seed fund round led by Kural Behl, Rohit Bansal, Pranay Gupta (founder of 91 Springboard), Ramakant Saharama (Live Space), entrepreneurs, Chiratai Ventures, AET Fund. Check out, and RazorPay Founder.

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