Google Learning provides many free educational resources to use in your classroom

Many tools developed by Google are becoming the mainstay of teachers’ digital toolkits. I’m sure most not all readers Educational technology and mobile education Use some Google products, be it Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Classrooms, Drawings, you name it. That being said, and given the exponential integration of education services, Google calls it a great resource Google Learning To help teachers, educators, students and everyone else make the best use of Google in their learning journey.

Google Education Resources is organized into three main categories: Learning for School, Learning for Work, and Learning for Life. In the first class, Learning for school, You will learn about products created specifically for the learning community (in the classroom, Chromebook, among others). You will also explore various Adtech tools and learning programs designed for higher education. There are also support programs and training courses designed for teachers of all levels. In addition, there are resources to help parents manage their children’s digital lives in which their children are safe online, find quality educational content, set up parental controls, and follow procedures and instructions.

Similarly, Learning for work Features resources to help individuals get ready for work, find career motivation, use Google tools like Google Cloud and Google Workspace for career success and more. Therefore Learning for life This section includes resources and tips for using Google Search, YouTube, Earth, Lens, and more. Check out Google to learn more.

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