Free up 40k teachers in 2022, up to 150 hours for each teacher

Aiming to provide the best quality affordable education in the country, LEAD – India’s leading school EdTech player – has announced a new initiative to enhance the skills of 40,000 teachers across the country and set aside 150 teaching hours for each teacher by 2022.

The announcement was made at the LEAD Innovation Conference held on November 19 for literally 4,000+ schools.

The LEAD Innovation Conference ’22 was organized by LEAD to discuss innovative ways for schools, students and teachers to further disrupt school education in India. Through its innovations, LEAD focuses on improving students’ learning in the classroom, promoting student learning at home, and improving their lives by empowering teachers. The conference was attended by LEAD partner schools and teachers from across the country.

LEAD is continuously developing the skills of teachers in its partner schools through LEAD Academy, the school is the first such initiative in EdTech. The LEAD Teacher App allows teachers to access 200+ hours of training and certification materials. The training is customized according to the needs and distance of each teacher.

School Adtech Major announced the launch of iHomework, which will help teachers save 1 hour per day, meaning 150 hours for each teacher of the year that they can now use to make something more productive.

Teachers spend a lot of time each day preparing and evaluating homework. iHomework changes allowing teachers to access a variety of readymade homework options (MCQs, videos, quizzes, fill in the blanks, etc.) and send daily notifications with just one click using their app. Innovation helps them track who has done their homework and who has not, and triggers reminders accordingly. It also has the ability to read almost any handwriting and correct objective questions and short word answers. In other cases, teachers can zoom in on the app to read and correct, and reward students for their performance. This feature also suggests learning gaps between students and provides a solution plan basis for tasks.

LEAD co-founder and CEO Sumit Mehta said,

“At LEAD, we are constantly innovating to enable every stakeholder in the school’s EdTech space – schools with well-educated students in the classroom and at home, teachers with relevant skills and resources, and schools with the tools needed to effectively manage their admissions. Developing and freeing up 150 hours per teacher is what can be used for more productive and meaningful things.With our upcoming innovations, we hope to enable them to become super teachers and help students become future leaders.

LEAD is India’s leading player in the School Adtech category promoted by Leadership Boulevard. The Mumbai-based company was started by Sumit Mehta and Smita Devrah in 2012 with the aim of transforming school education in India. It integrates technology, curriculum and pedagogy into an integrated system of teaching and learning, thus improving student learning outcomes and teacher performance in schools across the country. Today, LEAD serves 2000+ schools in 400+ cities and reaches over 8 million students and enables 10,000 teachers. LEAD’s innovative and highly-effective integrated education system significantly strengthens the role of schools, teachers and parents in the holistic growth and development of every child by providing high quality education.

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