Free math worksheets for teachers

Below is a collection of websites where you can access a variety of printable math worksheets for use in your classroom to help students learn their math. Some of these sites also offer interactive games, puzzles, activities, tools, and more, as well as other math teaching materials. Most of the worksheets you find on these sites come in PDF format and sometimes in HMT files. You can preview the worksheets before downloading them. Also, while some of these sites offer worksheets for free, they also require a subscription to gain full access to the content they provide. Mathematics worksheets are organized into numerous categories and are searchable by category or subject.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets Provides a wide variety of printable worksheets to help students learn math. The worksheets offered cover a variety of math areas: addition angles, multiplication, geometry, fractions, division, probability, subtraction, measurement, graphs, decimals, counting, algebra and pre-algebra, and more. While many worksheets and activities are free, you need a subscription Super Teacher Worksheets To be able to have unlimited access to all their content. In addition to math worksheets, the site also provides “reading comprehension stories, spelling lists, handwriting practice sheets, grammar worksheets, holiday printable and much more”.

Math Worksheet 4 children

Math Worksheet 4 children

Math Worksheet 4 children Offers more than 35,000 printable worksheets in Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies. Most of these materials are CCSS aligned and designed for students in various grades (K-12). Mathematics practice worksheets cover a wide range of subjects, including statistics, geometry, pre-algebra, algebra, measurement, and more. You can browse the archive using the left sidebar of the Math Worksheets page. You can also find worksheets by grade. Again, many of the worksheets provided are free but membership with the site gives you unlimited access.

K5 learning

K5 Learning Math Worksheets

K5 learning Provides free math worksheets for students in kindergarten to class 6. You can browse worksheets by grade and subject. For example, some of the topics covered include numbers (e.g. counting, comparison of numbers, place value, spheres, Roman numerals, factoring and prime factors), fractions and decimals, measurements (e.g. money, time), 4 operations (extra, subtraction, multiplication) , Division and sequence of verbs), geometry, proportions, percentages, integers, word problems and more. K5 members have additional features such as the ability to share worksheets directly in the Google Classroom, download a complete set of related worksheets, no ads, preview worksheets before downloading, separate question and answer pages and more.

Math exercises

Math exercises

Math Drills hosts thousands of free math worksheets to use in your classroom to help students learn math. To find worksheets, use the site’s search functionality or browse the categories in the menu. There are worksheets for measurements, geometry, algebra, integers, number lines, money maths, Halloween maths, sample worksheets, statistical worksheets, time maths, math word problems and more.

Homeschool math

Homeschool math worksheets

Homeschool Math Homeschooling provides a variety of educational math resources for parents, guardians and teachers. These resources include free math worksheets, lessons, online math games, course guides, math videos, math product reviews, and more. In the Free Math Worksheets section, you’ll be able to access printable math worksheets for grades 1 through 7. These worksheets are available in both PDF and htm files. “They’re also very customizable: you can control the number of issues, font size, spacing, range of numbers, etc. Worksheets are generated randomly, so you get different each time. All worksheets come together. An answer key on the second page of the file.”

Dads worksheets

Math Worksheets

Dads Worksheets offers a number of math worksheets designed to be used by students in the classroom. It also offers math games, puzzles and many math tools (e.g. factoring calculator, percentage calculator, age calculator, long division calculator, countdown timer, Roman numeral converter, slope calculator and more). Mathematical worksheets are divided into the following categories: Core math worksheets (including addition, subtraction, division, negative numbers, exponents, etc.), fractional worksheets (fractions reduction, fractions comparison, fraction subtraction, fractional division, fractional decimal percent and more, ), Word problems (including pre-algebra word problems, money word problems, investments), other worksheets (including location values, basic geometry, analog time, linear equations, arithmetic sequences, etc.), measurements and conversions, patterns and Puzzles, and more.

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