Experiments with Google provide inspiring Adtech experiments for use with students in the classroom

Experiment with Google An innovative project launched by Google in 2009 that allows coders around the world to create experiments using Chrome, Android, AI, AR and more. Over the years, Experiment with GooglE has become an educational hub with projects, resources and tools and provides inspiration and motivation for coders to create and share their creations with the world.

Experiment with Google Features a variety of collections including art and culture experiments, AI + writing, digital wellbeing experiments, AR experiments, Chrome experiments and more. This collection is of special interest to us in education Experiments for learning. It’s basically “a collection of experiments that teachers, parents and students find useful, whether it’s in the classroom or at home. Create music, make art, take virtual field trips and more.”

Some of the projects featured on the learning experiments include: Chrome Music Lab: Song Maker (helps you create and share your own songs), Notable Women (enables you to see ’00 historic American women where they’ve been historically released: US Currency ‘), Access Mars (enables you to explore the’ real surface of Mars’ as captured by the Curiosity rover), and more.

Experiment in Experiments for learning Organize in a variety of categories including create music, explore music, virtual field trips, drawing, math + science, coding + AI, space, history + storytelling and more.

Watch the video below to learn more about experimenting with Google.

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