Euphus Learning Gets Student Personalization Startup ClassClap for 19M

Eupheus Learning, a business-to-business (B2B) adtech company, has bought student personalization startup ClassClap in an all-stock deal worth $ 19 million (approximately ₹ 140 million).

With the acquisition, Eupheus Learning, which focuses on 13,000 premium schools, has also stepped into the affordable private school segment and will reach approximately 18,000 schools. The integration of the classclap business into Euphus Learning has been done through the court process.

The Bangalore-based startup ClassClap, which also operates in the B2B Adtech division, is a school-based individual curriculum program adopted by more than 800 affordable private schools across India. The platform provides the IMAX program, an individualized learning program that provides schools with learning materials and processes. It also offers a classclap teacher app, an app for managing schedules for teachers, a school calendar, and teaching activities.

Founded in 2009 by Varun Kumar, Naveen Mandav and Janardhan Singh, ClassClap’s vision is to develop the ability for each child to ‘I can change my world’. The platform is driven by evidence-based high-impact classroom practices and professional development for teachers.

Speaking about the acquisition, Amit Kapoor, co-founder of Euphus Learning, said,

“Our vision is to democratize access to 21st century education solutions and now we will move into affordable school space and make a big impact in schools and students. This will not only boost the economy; however, it will also shape the future. Introducing hybrid solutions and their traditional channels of service by introducing curriculum and their distribution in the supplementary space will also enhance the relevant channels.

Amit further said that they are better at focusing on giving students personal satisfaction, helping their holistic development through integrated curriculum and co-curricular solutions, one of the key mandates of NEP 2020.

ClassClap co-founders Varun Kumar and Naveen Mandav said in a statement,

“In the K12 school space in India, Eupheus Learning and ClassClap are dominant in premium and affordable private schools in their respective departments. With this integration, ClassClap Premium can unlock more capabilities in the school department. Our combined ability to change education can be greatly enhanced. “

As a potential target market for more than 125,000 schools, Eupheus Learning and ClassClap together will impact more than 15 million over the next 5 years.

Delhi-based Eupheus Learning, launched in 2017, is a school-focused distribution platform with a curriculum-focused approach. It provides courses, tools and more. These courses are offered for subjects like English, Mathematics, EVS etc. and have a large catalog of its syllabus and supplementary offers, the company operates in more than 5,500 schools in India and the Middle East.

Euphus Learning was joined by existing investors, Sixth Sense Ventures, Yuz Family, United Education Company (UEC) and Al Ryan Holding Company, with the merger of ClassClap, LGT Asapada and Michael and the Suzanne Dale Foundation.

The acquisition comes a week after Eupheus Learning raised सी 10 million in Series C funding from global private equity platform Lightrock India. Earlier, the company said it plans to use the proceeds to grow the business by expanding its product portfolio and entering new markets and pursuing acquisitions. Euphrates has raised about 20 million so far.

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