Estonian Adtech startup Lingwist raises भाषा 5.1M to scale its language learning platform

Lingvist, an Estonia-based EdTech startup that aims to develop and scale learning technology that enables radical improvements in learning efficiency, has accumulated 5.1 million new funding rounds to scale its language learning application to more languages ​​and reach more users.

The round was backed by a group of major investors led by the Netherlands-based Rubio Impact Ventures, a venture capital organization that focuses on industries that have a positive impact on society and the planet. Rockaway Capital’s new venture capital fund – Rockaway Ventures Fund – and other investors such as Metaplanet Holdings, a venture capital firm based in Tallinn, Estonia, also participated in the round.

Lingvist is an EdTech startup working to make language learning faster and more efficient using big data and AI. Founded in 2013 by CERN alumnus and nuclear physicist Mait Müntel, the startup has developed an award-winning algorithm that enables the application to be quickly customized for each user and adapted to the course content. Lingwist maps each student’s knowledge and skills, converts learning materials into real-time, and creates an enjoyable and uniquely challenging experience for each student.

Lingwist claims that due to its scientific approach and advanced technology, users can learn any major international language 10x faster. The company’s best users learn 30 words per day and 4000 word families in 4 months, which Lingwist claims takes an average of 4 years in language schools. Lingwist users can learn British English, American English, French, Russian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Commenting on how the funds will help the company, Ming Muntel, co-founder and CEO of Lingwist, said,

“This funding enables Lingwist to hire independent scientific research teams to experiment with radical ideas and bring them into production. This allows Lingwist to scale its language learning application into many more languages ​​and reach more market users.”

Linguist uses neural networks to quickly and accurately assess learners’ existing vocabulary so that they can learn at their level. Learners can have complete control over the words they are learning, turning any text or word into a unique curriculum for learning their own language. According to its website, Lingwist has downloaded 6 million apps, including 8.25 million monthly learning words from more than 100 nations.

Lingwist was selected by HolonIQ in 2020 as one of the top 50 EdTech companies in the Nordic-Baltic eight regions.

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