Enterprise SaaS Startup PlayAblo Pivots Business Model; Raised Rs 5.9 crore in pre-series A round

Forced to rediscover its model to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, school-focused EdTech startup PlayAblo has built its business model to focus on enterprise SaaS-based opportunities for the growing educational needs of organizations.

The Bengaluru-based startup also raised Rs. 5.9 million from a cluster of US and UK-based angel investors that will be a long-term transition to employee training and eLearning related to the problem of learning in the workplace when growing companies will embrace it on a large scale. Kartik Natarajan (former CFO, Vishal Megamart), Saurabh Sinha (CEO, EMIDS Technologies), Rajesh Rabindranath (SVP, ITC Infotech), Arnab Chatterjee (CPO, SmartKarrot), Hasnain Golam (CISCO Systems), Manindra were involved in fund raising. Jha (TESCO), and Shashikiran BG (FortiSIEM).

Originally a school-focused gamified learning platform, PlayAblo fixed its place when the Kovid-19 epidemic hit the school department. The company had the opportunity to learn in the workplace. Taking advantage of its existing gamified learning platform, it has transformed itself into a new era and a new looking lightweight mobile-based enterprise LMS (Learning Management System).

Ongoing training for employees was one of the most affected processes, as restrictions on in-house work forced organizations to make changes to their operations. Compared to the Western world, Indian companies are slow to adopt eLearning as a vehicle for staff training, relying on the traditional classroom-based instructor-led training (ILT) approach. Covid-19 changed all that because companies didn’t have face-to-face access to employees. As companies work to update their products, solutions, and processes to adapt to new realities, the need to train and update their employees and external partners has become more acute than ever. PlayAblo, with its original school-focused gamified learning platform, saw this crisis as an opportunity. Taking advantage of their existing platform, the startup quickly demonstrated the power of the mobile-based lightweight and fun learning experience for enterprise users. Since the epidemic, PlayAblo has added customers from IT services, FinTech, manufacturing, staff, consulting, for-profit and education sectors.

PlayAblo continues to offer its satisfaction on the partnership model with school chains and educational publishers rather than individual schools in the K-12 segment. The K-12 solutions in PlayAblo are custom-built, aligned with the partner’s educational approach, content and hybrid distribution model.

PlayAblo is an enterprise SaaS solution offering custom LMS (Learning Management System) for SMB segment. The startup was founded by Dheeraj Sharma (NIT Calicut), Ananthakrishnan G (IIM Kozhikode) and Suchitra Premkumar (BITS Pilani). Its existing investors include ABI Showatech (A Brakes India Group Company) and Brand Capital (Times Group).

Growing organizations with an increasingly diverse workforce seem to have an important need to adopt LMS-based e-learning measures to keep their employees and partners uniformly trained and tailored. The Indian and APAC enterprise LMS market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 34%, which will almost double the global growth trend in the next 7 years.

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