Enhanced Reality in Education: Five Powerful Tools for Teachers

Enhanced reality has great potential for us in education. It helps students engage in handling and immersive learning experiences and their self-directed learning and ‚Äútheir social and emotional Connection For course topics “. A few days ago I shared with you several AR resources with Apple’s guide: augmented reality in education and a review of two powerful AR science apps. In today’s post I’m sharing more resources to help you make the best of your class. .

Isaac is an app and platform that offers a curated collection of augmented reality art with street art, murals, installations, books, posters and more.

Merge EDU offers attractive 3D content and simulations to enhance students studying in various STEM related subjects. Using AR activities, students will be able to touch, hold, interact with objects, and learn complex science concepts in an interesting and engaging way.

Museum of other realities

Discover virtual reality art with a museum of other realities and redefine what is possible. “

3D Bear offers a variety of educational materials to help teachers and students make the best AR in their education. It combines augmented reality, virtual reality, 360-photo and scanning and 3D printing. Using the 3D Bare app, students can “create AR views with various 3D model collections and import millions of models (SketchFab, ThingWears, own models) to create compelling homework for students.”

CoSpaces Edu

An app to help students create their own virtual reality learning materials and explore an AR-based environment. Students can create immersive virtual tours, create interactive stories, create virtual displays, experiment in 3D, design their own games, and more.

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