Enhanced Reality in Education: Apps and Lessons Ideas for Use in the Classroom with Students

Today, as I was searching the web for AR resources, I came across this great guide from Apple, Augmented Reality in Education. This is an 11 page PDF pack full of interesting tips, apps and ideas to help you make the best use of AR technology on your iPad. More specifically, the guide includes the importance of learning AR, teachers different ways to use AR on iPad, why iPad is a good mobile device to provide immersive learning experience through AR and the last section includes lesson ideas on usage. AR in your teaching.

Source: Apple’s Augmented Reality in Education Guide

In the lesson ideas, you will explore various AR apps that you can use for different school subjects. For example, for science you will learn how to use Froggipedia to study living frogs in AR. For math, you will learn how to use GeoGebra AR to introduce the z-axis and help students discover 3D shapes and equations. For literacy and literature, you will be introduced to the AR MKR app and learn how students can use it to ‘bring their own creativity and drawings into an interactive setting for storytelling’.

Augmented Reality in Education It also provides important tips to help you and your students make AR apps better on your iPad. For example, you will learn tips related to lighting, movement, surface and screen recording. Although the guide was published in 2018, the tips and ideas he gave are outdated and can work on any device whether it is an iPad or not. Also, I checked the links to the featured apps in this guide and they are all still working.

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