Egyptian online tutoring startup Tyro acquires ad video-focused platform Nafham

Tyro, an Egypt-based online tutoring platform, has acquired Nafham, an Adtech startup focused on school curricula in Egypt, KSA, and the UAE.

With this acquisition, Tyro’s leadership is taking over Nafham’s management and operations to enhance the customer experience of Nafham’s 6 million users. Tyro will be the holding company as a whole and will continue to expand its live tutoring services as well as technology capabilities to the group. Tyro has also secured kickoff funding for the new organization from a number of investors, including Flat 6 Labs and NXL partners.

Co-founded by Mukhtar Usman and Amir Sabri in 2017, Tyro is a platform that connects students with qualified teachers through one-to-one online sessions. Through the platform, students can browse through a selection of qualified teachers based on their skills, certification, availability, rates as well as reviews.

Tyro aims to formalize the teaching industry in Egypt by gaining access to pre-verified and tested tutors who are able to provide “real value” at an affordable rate. Tutors aim to empower the teaching community by giving students better exposure as well as the opportunity to work flexibly from anywhere. Teaching online eliminates the hassle of students coming to reality and allows teachers to divert their attention to attracting more students.

Speaking about the acquisition, Mukhtar Usman, co-founder and CEO of Tyro, said: “The merger of the two companies will make MENA technically the largest Azutech platform in the MENA field, providing both live online tutoring as well as recorded educational video content. It’s important to take advantage of both customer support. With this merger, we’re in the right position to take the platform to the next level. “

Osman added, “Nafham is the largest online educational platform in the Middle East with 6 million annual users and over 150 million views on its video content. Nafham’s content is focused on school curricula in Egypt, KSA and UAE. We have a very strong and established brand presence, so we will focus on further strengthening the Nafham brand. “

Since its inception, Tyro has completed over 50,000 paid sessions, increasing its double-digit growth rate, and is financially self-sustaining.

Elaborating on the latest developments, co-founder Amir Sabri said, “Online education is here to stay and the epidemic has accelerated its adoption. It is now considered a permanent source of knowledge and content creation. It also confirms our commitment and our unwavering faith in our model. “

Launched in 2012 by Mostafa Farahat, Nafham is a free online K-12 crowdsource educational platform linked to a compulsory public course. The platform provides 5 to 20 minutes of crowd-sourced videos that are edited by professionals. These videos are categorized by grade, subject, term, and academic schedule, making it easy for students to navigate the curriculum and get the lessons they want in seconds.

The startup is on a mission to enhance the learning experience and build capacity for every young African and Arab person.

In June 2019, Tyro raised 60,000 in the Flat6Labs Egypt-led pre-seed round.

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