Egyptian education raises 1M to democratize higher education opportunities

Educatly, an Egypt-based learning technology startup that provides learning opportunities and educational networking, has raised 1 million in pre-seed funding from Falak Startups, Enterprise Ireland, along with a group of angel investors.

Founded in 2020 by Mohamed Elsonbati, Abdelrahman Ayman and John Manuel, Educatly democratizes higher education opportunities by helping students gain access to the university of their dreams. He wants to give every student a transparent access and guidance on what the world of education has to offer and his approach is able to tap into the educational journey of the whole student and help facilitate their experience in the best way possible through technology.

Educatli’s goal is to create connections that represent real-world learning relationships. Using the power of technology to connect all educational stakeholders in a digital environment, the startup seeks to build the world’s most comprehensive educational network to showcase all schools / colleges, programs as well as scholarships, language courses, professors, students and alumni. Enables educational institutions to post their programs and students to post their academic curriculum for the benefit of both parties.

Mohamed L. Sonbati, founder and CEO of Educatli, said,

“The challenge addressed educationally affects millions of students and teachers globally. In the last few decades, the world has seen incredible momentum in digital transformation in every field, however, some of these areas lack this momentum and we are concerned about it.” It’s done, and it depends on the infrastructure that we built many years ago that doesn’t fit into today’s system, and so the transparent but efficient people have a lot of negative impact on their lifelong learning. “

With the latest investment, Educatli hopes to accelerate its growth plans by integrating new technologies such as AI and blockchain, maximizing the value it offers customers. The company plans to develop the product, bring in key team members and expand its marketing and sales operations.

Abdelrahman Ayman, co-founder and COO of Educately, added,

“Students want transparent access to all relevant opportunities and as much personalized support as possible to reach the best possible decision. On, users can browse through the world’s largest up-to-date database of over 120,000. Education opportunities around the world and their profiles Filter to find the most relevant programs. We take advantage of the latest technology to minimize the most relevant programs to support the decision-making process for them and offer personalized support through our network of consultants and ambassadors. “

Educatally relied on bootstrapping until the pre-seed round closed. During this period, the startup had an impressive attraction and has worked in more than 450 schools around the world, in addition to the more than 45,000 student profiles on the platform. Since its launch, the platform’s user base has grown to 100,000 users in 190 countries around the world, with nearly half a million programs viewed.

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