Egyptian career consulting platform Career raises $ 200k from 180 Adventures

Career 180, a Cairo-based career counseling platform, has recently raised 200,000 from Adventures to enhance its services and enhance its training program.

With the new investment, the startup aims to develop a new employment platform and merge it into its freelance yard offer to create an integrated platform that provides employment and other qualification services to young people covering all jobs.

Founded in 2016 by Mohamed Akmal and Shorouk Ala Aldin, Career 180 is a centralized and comprehensive career counseling platform aimed at qualifying young people for the job market. It helps the youth to develop their skills through their counseling services, workshops and theoretical and practical training programs in various specialties.

Career 180 also offers offline services that include career guidance sessions and meetings that engage young people and connect them with experts in a variety of specializations and professions. The company hosts the annual Egypt Career Summit, one of the largest events, and is attended by thousands of young people, multinational corporations, startups and hundreds of experts from local companies and the Egyptian business sector.

With the new funding, Career 180 plans to launch its career counseling services and expand training programs, which will reach a large number of users. The company aims to train 10 lakh trainees and help 300,000 users find suitable job opportunities.

Commenting on the investment, Dalia Ibrahim, founder and CEO of Adventures, said:

“We continue to aim to empower young people, and so we look forward to a new round of investing in Career 180. Their new platform will enable young people to find job opportunities and help them develop their skills and abilities through a variety of training programs. This platform.”

Adventures has also invested in Career 180 in 2019. The investment firm supports and invests in startups that specialize in educational culture and innovative learning solutions in their Seed and Pre-Series A rounds, focusing on Africa, Egypt and the Arab world.

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