EduOne was acquired by the South African Educational Finance Fund

Fundi, a leading educational finance and fund management specialist in South Africa, has acquired EduOne, a Cape Town-based education technology startup.

According to Makiu Dibakwane, CEO of Fundi, the company plans to integrate other key services, such as educational finance offering, online shop and a bursary finder.

Founded in 2015 by Jason Basel, James Kisser, Peter Strydom, and Ben Rath, EduOne was developed in response to their own challenges and experiences entering and moving through the education system. The platform builds and develops digital platforms to help people with career guidance, scholarship beneficiary recruitment and mentoring programs. These include tertiary funding, education planning, e-learning career guidance, web-based platform services, etc. Gives.

Fundy specializes in B2B education finance for employees as well as cashless solutions for one’s business. It provides fund management services to organizations at all levels as well as fund management solutions for corporate bursary programs.

Speaking about the acquisition, Fundy CEO McGow Dibakwane said,

“Acquiring EduOne is a natural step forward for Fundi. It speaks to our long-term and heritage vision for education in South Africa and across the continent. As such a ‘disruptive’ business, we are also very well aligned. EduOne was in a wave of student-centered start-ups. Those who have effectively democratized education have enabled access for all. The Fund’s funding offer has ensured that access has become a reality for many. Making it very exciting for us. “

In 2016, Fundi became EduOne’s largest stakeholder as she filled the company’s entire seed funding round. Since the acquisition, EduOne’s career guidance tool, EduConnect, has already begun to integrate the two solutions for inclusion in the Fundiverse as FundiConnect.

EduOne CEO Jason Basel said,

“These edits mean that Fundy can reach its audiences with unprecedented scale and depth of value. As a joint team, we are on the same page, with the same goal, and together we look forward to an exciting and successful future – where we restructure the future of education in Africa and Continues rethinking. “

Last year, FundiConnect (then EduConnect) served 2.7 million students and recruited more than 1,200 higher secondary teachers across the country to ensure that students make better education and career choices.

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