Durham-based metamatrix achieves early literacy startup Alemano to focus on reading science

Methametrics, a Durham-based Adtech company, recently acquired Elemeno, an Adtech startup that packages scientific knowledge into useful tools for professionals to bridge the research-to-study gap in early literacy.

Since the acquisition, Elemeno founder and CEO Nina Saha, Ph.D., has joined Metametrics as vice president of reading science. Saha will be an innovator, leader and winner in the company’s early literacy and reading sciences. In addition, it will support the research, design, and implementation of early reading products and services of metametrics.

Metametrics is an academic measurement and research institute that develops objective measurement criteria for student performance. Provides platform modules and learning frameworks to integrate assessment with curriculum designing. Its offer includes a lexical framework for reading that assesses reading ability and text complexity based on assessments to match the text with the reader. The Quantile Framework for Mathematics uses a general scale to assess the level of student’s mathematical achievement and the difficulty of the skills and concepts being taught. The Lexil Framework tool for writing is used to differentiate writing instructions and to monitor the growth of writing ability on the same lexical scale as reading ability.

Founded in 1984 by Malbert Smith, the measures of metometrics also provide valuable insights into the growth potential of students. Dozens of education manufacturing companies have been licensed to measure metrics, products and services to achieve that growth. For 35 years, the work of metometrics has been increasingly recognized for its research-based approach to improving learning.

Speaking about the acquisition, Malbert Smith, founder and CEO of Metametrics, said,

“Developing strong literacy skills at the youngest age helps children progress to education, career and success in life. Nina’s work in early literacy at Alemano and her entrepreneurial spirit are a perfect complement to our efforts to help. The youngest students – especially those who read Are struggling to learn – both literacy skills and a lifelong passion for reading. “

Elemeno’s work, primarily focused on helping teachers find decodable texts for young readers, will support the continued growth of the emphasis on early literacy of metometrics. Elemeno’s popular weekly e-newsletter, “The Reading Research Recap”, is read by thousands of teachers, researchers and parents who want to adapt to the latest research developments in the science of reading.

Nina Saha, founder and CEO of Elemeno, said,

“I share MetaMatrics’ commitment to help children find the right book at the right time to build literacy skills. I look forward to collaborating with the MetaMatrics team to expand the work we’ve started at Alemano and help all young learners around the world become strong readers.”

Since July 2019, Metametrics has been part of Apex Digital Fund’s portfolio, a technology-focused growth equity fund advised by global private equity advisory firm Apex Partners.

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