Consider the latest funding from Vidyakula, an Indian e-learning startup

Singapore is an attractive investment base for Indian startups, Vidyakul is the latest in it.

Singapore-based startup consultancy and investment company Thinkuvet has announced its participation in the latest round of funding for Vidyakul, a local e-learning company in India.

ThinKuvate is a team of senior corporate professionals from a variety of industries and has functional skills to help startups in the growth phase. The company expands consulting services related to funding, sales, marketing, business development and technology.

Founded in 2018, Vidyakul offers an e-learning platform for students pursuing state board courses. About one million high school and high school students in Tier II / III cities and towns in 10 states of India have used the platform.

Currently, the company offers education in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Hinglish (a mixture of Hindi and English). Students from 9th to 12th can take live lectures and pre-recorded courses and get study materials in the language of their choice.

Riteish Toshniwal, Managing Partner, ThinkuvateSays,

“Vidyakul caters to the needs of the underprivileged segment of the student population. These students are most comfortable in their mother tongue and they want affordable satisfaction. We are pleased to support this innovative venture business expansion plan. ThinKuvate is fortunate to be outside Singapore Is becoming an investment hub. In this round, we have joined like-minded professionals in our network who want to test startup water. ”

ThinKuvate provided training and handling to these professionals who are new to the field. Professionals benefited from ThinKuvate’s proper exercise process and collective knowledge of a network of professionals.

Mayank Jain“I am happy to be a part of the Vidyakul fundraising round,” he said. ThinKuvate attracts a lot of quality startups that are looking for funding for growth, which I don’t necessarily have access to. In the process, I save time and effort on my own. It’s also great to be part of a network of like-minded professionals and constantly use each other’s knowledge and experiences. ”

Through this fund, Thinkuvate is helping Vidyakul to expand its existing team and expand its platform with high quality educational materials in local languages.

ThinKuvate is headquartered in Singapore, with presence in Australia, India, UK, USA, Middle East, Latin America and South Africa.

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