Can NFTs play a role in education?

NFT is a buzzword that is particularly difficult to explain – and perhaps even more difficult to imagine how it could play a role in education.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. This means that the technology allows you to create a digital file that is one of a kind and that encodes proof of its authenticity as the original. NFTs use blockchain, the same technical framework that makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies possible.

All of a sudden this means artists and collectors can buy, sell or trade digital files as they always have for artwork or baseball cards. Most of these digital files can be worth only a small amount. But in some cases we have seen big signs of the dollar around NFTs that people hope will continue to rise in value.

For this week’s Adsense podcast, we ask how this technology can move learning. We talk to a teacher and students about how they use NFT and we ask them their input about our own experiment this week where we turned an EdSurge article into NFT.

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