Being a teacher, the most subtle managed profession

We trust doctors. We have faith in the fire brigade. We are failing to believe Teacher, And this is where you have to change your vision to show your kids, where to look and where to look.

In the last 16 months, children have been disrupted in their routine and out-of-home support system as they have been away from school. Class cancellations, academic backlogs and uncertainties about exams have had a psychological impact on children and parents, including teachers. Other reasons like staying at home, adapting to online classes have increased the feeling of loneliness in children, which has created anxiety and frustration and there you need to strengthen the voice of children through deep engagement.

One of the service-oriented sectors that has had a bad effect today Academic field, Especially ECCE and primary. Around the world, Kovid has torn apart the education system. The framework of teaching, evaluation and teaching techniques has been adversely affected resulting in online / virtual learning. In India, school closures have affected about 247 million children enrolled in primary and secondary schools and about 28 million pre-school children in childhood. This created a barrier to all stakeholders in the business, both professionally and ethically. Less than 40 percent of the population had access to the Internet, making it extremely difficult for the rest of the students to learn.

Kovid-19 has radically changed our world, our thoughts and perceptions. Schools began to think of ways to continue students’ education in the short and long term, at a time when school staff were unaware of the fees to be paid to teachers, and the cost of maintenance, including new technology to understand and meet the needs. Of a A set of different teaching skills. Questions on acceptance and accessibility from parents, especially from rural populations, small towns and cities, were also challenging.

Pre-primary and primary schools suffer the most, as education and development is based entirely on motor, social and cognitive activities. Overall, the schools selected by one of the three options, school boards, parents and decided locally according to government regulations, i.e. Virtual (Part of a children’s personal education program), Interactive / flip classroom and cohort offline classes In batches with enhanced health and covid safety protocols. Returning to school has given us a new set of meaning and care for parents and school management, where we are waiting for vaccines and options.

Virtual class Gradually improve learning by implementing attractive modules of learning modules through digital tools to enable students to succeed inside and outside the classroom by collaborating with all stakeholders on all components of education as per age requirements and overall improvements. Many parents report that learning from home has given their child the opportunity to work at their own pace. It helps the child to move on independently from that lesson. Students can watch the video and give voice to understand the content with the assignment. Parents may also have access to the same information to help with accountability. Students feel more positive when reviewing or revising, and overall confidence is enhanced when using science or language in the classroom. To ensure that the child is connected to the learning support and health that is always necessary and the role of parents comes here to keep their child engaged and convinced to educate and they can not align enough for the result!

In the early days you did not readily accept technology. We began to navigate to bridge the gap between facts and opinions, to understand the value of the technology needed, and to inform parents. Never forget that technology can break the monopoly and we prepare ourselves for all difficulties.

In addition, it offers teaching fraternity, opportunities to continue teaching, professional development over time, and re-prioritizes curriculum re-modulation and restructuring. Teachers are becoming more creative and innovative every day. Instead of giving the child a ready-made course, he is getting space to create and paint his own imagination. Ethical values ​​and science experiments are changing into value-added methods and conceptual home assignments. Literacy is about understanding, evaluating, analyzing, and understanding and exploring a critical thinker, not just learning numbers or letters. The importance of reading and writing should be felt in the early years of development with the ages of 4, 5, 6, which help them to formulate concepts accurately and increase their ability to communicate. If appropriate or not sufficient motivation is given (home-schooling / hybrid schooling) then you have to reserve the year for the student. We become more flexible. We need high quality teachers and technology to deliver good output.

Teachers will never end, they will always be properly guided and guided. Technology is just an argument for the teacher. It can help with the learning process, but it certainly cannot replace the role of the teacher.

About the author

Author: Tumpa Dattagupta

A teacher – mentor – founder of the Montessori school, Mysore for over a decade. I strive to create a positive environment for children to learn and grow by incorporating interdisciplinary knowledge into the classroom and engaging in all learning orientations.

I believe in versatility, hard work and passion and are motivated to invite opportunities, inspire and enjoy challenges with a passion for learning. Throughout my journey, I have always chosen my business or hobbies over my business. Over the past 9 years I have worked in marketing and research operations, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in all major cities, and in cosmetics.

Currently I am also working as a service provider in translation / localization and transliteration in Indian languages ​​and for some years now I have been associated with the Central Institute of Indian Languages ​​as an educational team in various language projects. Writing comes naturally to me.

I like to give advice, read most Indian writers, write, watch programs on Netflix, documentaries, web series on psychological thrillers, because my interest is in ‘useful psychology and human behavior’ and I have just completed my diploma.

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