Australia has become less conducive to study destinations for Indian students, Canada chooses this option: survey

Following the announcement of the cancellation of board exams, the number of students seeking education abroad dropped significantly. However, the enthusiasm to study abroad persists and is evident from the insights.

Statistics collected from a large pool of students point to students ’major challenges and concerns. Worldgrad, a technology-enabled platform that helps students from the very beginning of the foreign education process, recently conducted a detailed survey of more than 20,000 graduate aspirants to gather insights about their plans to study abroad after Kovid; The survey provided insights into their barriers and overall difficulties.

According to the survey, 81% of students still wish to study abroad while 19% of students have delayed or dropped out of studying abroad. In terms of popular study abroad, Canada has emerged as the top option for students among 50% of respondents, which is in line with the fact that more than 140K Indian students have been attracted due to the favorable opportunities of immigration; The USA ranks second, with 40% of students considering it, followed by the UK and Australia. Australia has become the least preferred destination which is quite obvious, as statistics show that access to Australia from India has dropped from K 80K in 2019 to less than 40K in 2021.

According to the report, there could be several reasons for this, of which Kovid-1 and the accompanying travel restrictions are the only ones. 95% of students believe that vaccination in India will make them more suitable for foreign travel and 75% of those who have delayed plans said that financial hardship is a big factor, part of which can be brought forward for a reason. Financial uncertainty in the current situation. For those considering moving abroad, the process is clearly delayed because so far only 5% of people have gained access. The majority (76%) are still researching either their options or the application process. This is again due to the severe delay in the board’s results which prevented students from starting the declining period with foreign universities and is likely to leave early next year.

Commenting on the survey, Mr. Abhinav Mittal, co-founder of The Worldgrad, said,

“It is clear that the Kovid-19 epidemic may not be on the side of students who want to study abroad but I am really inspired by the data from the survey which clearly shows that many students do not give up. Disasters affect their dreams and they still want to continue their plans. That most students are facing more financial difficulties than ever before because of the Kovid crisis but we have all heard that there is a way where there is a will and with that, I want to assure every student that Worldgrad Ground is here to help you at every stage from scratch. “

“For studying abroad, this platform provides an online program that allows you to start your first year of study at home which saves money and time as well as help with English tests, visas and even student loans through partner vendors that can be really useful. For students. Struggled during this time but it is really difficult for students due to sudden change in teaching model.We have also come up with a way in which students can save more than INR 20 lakhs and join by studying at home and then on campus Said.

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