Audio-based conversation learning platform Mentza raises $ 400K in seed funding

Mentza, an audio-based conversational learning platform, announced that it has raised $ 400,000 (approximately INR 2.96 crore) as part of a seed fund round led by Inflation Point Ventures.

According to a press statement, the company plans to use the funds raised to build a healthy base of expert and curious students, create efficient translations into the content of conversations, and build a broad base of platform in regional and interested communities.

Mentza seeks to engage users with high-quality 20-minute conversations on a variety of topics. Conversations are recorded with features like highlights, 40-second snippets, and curated content recommendations. The platform allows users to have audio conversations with other members of a group for a set amount of time.

Founded in 2020 by Anurag Vaish, the Mumbai-based startup has more than 23,000 registered users and has already created more than 60,000 minutes of content. Mentza is preparing both B2B and B2C usage cases. Users can create a portfolio of recorded conversations with highlights and snippets.

Commenting on the new fund, Mentza founder Anurag Vaish said,

“Our goal is to get every growth person involved in at least one Mentza conversation every day, so that learning becomes easy, sustained and social. In this way, they become ideal strategic partners in our eyes.”

Mentza’s team has a total of 80 years of work experience with in-depth skills in tech, design, cognitive science, research and marketing.

Ankur Mittal, co-founder of Inflation Point Ventures, commented on the investment.

“Mentza’s model for delivering curated content in 20-minute capsules is a powerful idea. Audio is a powerful tool that allows you to learn and participate while multi-tasking. Mentza is considering creating an audio-focused conversational learning platform in a community setting. , Led a team of strong founders for the second time with different backgrounds and strengths. “

Mittal added, “Many of the funds we’ve talked about as part of our due diligence have also shown interest in this space. While B2C is the immediate focus, Mentza is also independently working on a B2B strategy focused on the largely unused enterprise podcast space.”

Mentza has recently announced a Creator Partnership with Rolling Stones and HarperCollins and is in discussions with MCA professors and students to include them on their platform.

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