AppAdmit – Smart consulting platform to guide MBA and Master’s students

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AppAdmit is a digital advisory platform that helps students complete their college admissions application. It is a flexible and handy tool that helps build and build a great, college-specific portfolio for students applying for higher education. It only focuses in MBA and Master and is an expert. This is AppAdmit’s USP.

Considering that this is a product from a very young age, AppAdmit Is a neat-looking, finely polished tool. Some difficulties here and there do not interfere with his ability to keep his promises.

In addition, AppAdmit delivers on-demand consulting at all stages of college applications inexpensively (compared to existing standard advisors).

App Admit claims to combine the experience of its highly reputable application consultants with AI-enabled digital platforms. So far, this claim has been strong enough to provide comprehensive, personal advice.

For a more detailed overview, read on.

AppAdmit Walkthrough

Appadmit currently has two plans available to users: an MBA plan and a master plan. The MBA is a more comprehensive version of the master plan. Access to the MBA plan enables users to take advantage of it All Features available.

MBA Smart Advisor This is the plan we used for this walkthrough.

MBA Smart Advisor

Separate modules are also available for purchase if users do not want a comprehensive access guide.

Separate module for purchase

Once logged in, a neat and simple homepage greets you. Here, you get an overview of your entire profile, including easy access to all your application essentials in one place.

The ‘Overview’ panel lists all your progress documents, accessible and editable with one click. Information notifications and tags let you know which file you are about to access, which category it belongs to, and whether the document is still in progress or completed.

AppAdmits Resume Module

A clean and intuitive UI means you, as a user, can easily navigate through AppAdmit’s resume, essay, interview and recommendation sections. It’s as simple as it looks honestly. There are no hidden interactions that will stumble you. It’s neat, small and works just as you would expect.

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